Peace Key City. Some may say that its location along the northeast coast of Florida brings it summers of harsh storms and undesirable heat, but ask the people that live there, and they'll tell you otherwise. They love it there, for whatever reason.

But, I digress; this part of the story has nothing to do with the climate of the southern town. This story has to do with the beginning of the most controversial and exciting thing ever created by mankind.

Another world.

The Void's Beginning

Chapter 1: Peace Key City

Written by Dk64rules (tbc).

Now, within Peace Key City, there is certain...odd family. Nobody knows anything about them, and no one knows where they came from. All people know is that they live in the middle of 4th Street. That is why everyone calls them The Fours. The Fours are rarely seen, but today they made their first public appearance since they moved in.

They sent their only child to public school. So began the rumor that this kid was from the Four family. I mean, no one ever saw him or knew his name, so it was only obvious that in this town renowned for its community that the shy, mysterious boy was from the shy, mysterious family. The teachers all called him Seventy Four, because he was apparently the 74th kid enrolled in the school system. Ever. Even though Peace Key's school district had been through over 1000 kids before his generation.

This drew even more attention to the Fours. Who were they? Why was their kid enrolled years before he was even born? Eventually, they ordered the police to go to the house and see for themselves the most secretive family in the state. They had to kick down the door; no one would even bother to answer it. Once inside, they looked around.

Nobody was home. But there was a car parked, lights on, and even something cooking on the stove. The police eventually came around to Seventy's room. He was there. Just...sitting there, making a city with his various Lego bricks. He looked at the officers with confusion.

"Why are you here?" he asked innocently.

"Where are your parents, son?" one officer asked.

"My parents said that they are with someone named Rukalor." he answered, again in his innocent voice.

The officers stopped for a minute, and then walked away. You see, Rukalor was in fact the mayor of Peace Key City, but he went under the name Jonathan Cel when in public. Only a few knew his real name. The police were not one of those few.

They turned off the stove in the kitchen (you know, for safety), walked out, and assured the public that the kid did indeed have parents, but they did not know exactly who they were with, because of the mysterious name Seventy had given them. But, the public was satisfied, and the mystery of the Fours was just about forgotten.

Little did they know, that Seventy's parents and Rukalor were assembling something so amazing that the entire world would be struck with awe...

...And a sense of fear...

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