Season 1 Poster
Producer(s) Nightcore Games
Country of Origin Worldwide
Original Language English
Season(s) 9
Episodes varies per season
Runtime varies per episode
Status Canceled
The Video Games or simply "TGV" is a show about Video Game Characters taking part in the Sims 2 Hunger Games Challenge which is loosely based on the best selling novels and award winning movies of The Hunger Games.


The characters are to take part in a series of events and challenges until only one character is alive. The winner will be moved into the "Winner's Quarters" lot and a new set of characters will enter the games. Once the cycle has been done 8 times a final round between all the previous winners will begin and the final champion will be crowned King or Queen of Video Games.


Challenges come in 4 types; Death Challenges, Reward Challenges, Punishment Challenges and Food Challenges.

Death Challenges

Death Challenges are challenges where the loser of the challenge is killed, whether or they die during the challenge itself or if they are killed after, either way someone ends up dead. If 2 or more people die in a death challenge they will be brought back to life via cheats but whoever died first stays dead. Death Challenges are usually followed by Reward or Food Challenges.

Reward Challenges

The winner of a Reward Challenge gets to spend 24 hours in the "Victory House" and gets a viewers choice of reward that are voted upon or suggested in the comments. Most Reward Challenges are the characters competing to finish a task first. No one dies in a Reward Challenge.

Punishment Challenges

Punishment Challenges are plain and simple, the aim is not to come last or you get put into the "Punishment Penn" and are kept their for 24 hours. No one dies during Punishment Challenges but it's possible to die in the Penn.

Food Challenges

Food Challenges are slightly more complex. The same basic idea is there but the reward is different. When someone wins the challenge a poll will be put up to vote for how many meals the get and if they should share and who with. The highest amount of food they can get is 3 plate fulls of delicious food. It's possible to die in this challenge but it's rare.


Round One

Image Name Series Status Died On Place
0001Zelda Princess Zelda SSB The Legend of Zelda Series Alive N/A 1st
0002Lee Lee Everett TWDSymbol Alive N/A 1st
0003PinkGoldPeach Pink Gold Peach SSB Mario Series Alive N/A 1st
MarioGone Mario SSB Mario Series Deceased Day 4 8th
0005Bella Bella Goth TheSimsSymbol Alive (resurected) N/A 1st
0006Snake Solid Snake MetalGearSymbol Alive N/A 1st
MistyGone Misty SSB Pokémon Series Deceased Day 8 6th
GanondorfGone Ganondorf SSB The Legend of Zelda Series Deceased Day 6 7th

Day 1


No challenges are to be held on Day 1, the characters are free to relax and eat all the food they want because by the next morning, the fridge will be turned around and only 3 plates of food will be left outside. Day 1, while being uneventful, lets us find out what kinds people we are dealing with. Pink Gold Peach seems to be rather fun and eccentric while people like Ganondorf and Misty seem to be moody and tend to stay out of other peoples way.

Day 2


It's officially the 24 hour mark, meaning the fridge must be flipped and the remaining food must be deleted. Today will be a Punishment Challenge and the loser spend 24 hours in the Punishment Penn. The Challenge will be who can paint a painting first, the person who finishes last, looses!


And they're off! Mario seems to be in the lead and Zelda seems to be dragging along behind him, Snake seems to be doing the worst so far, I wonder who will win?


Well, Mario won that challenge, but we're not interested in who won, let's see who looses! It's currently a paint-race between Bella and Snake everyone else has either finished or are very close to finishing.


Well, Bella lost, into the Punishment Penn you go! Sorry Bella. Oh yes, and the food is out, the three plate fulls, today it's 2 plates of Sandwiches and some Spaghetti not that anyone is bothered, they'd all just rather sleep, oh well, I'm sure someone will get some when they wake up.


Zelda chose a warm bed over a warm meal, maybe if she gets up in time she'll be able to grab a bite. 0016PC

...Or not, it seems PGP, Lee and Misty have woken up and taken the meals, PGP is lucky to get all that Spaghetti to herself, poor Zelda.


Sadly it appears Bella couldn't hang on anymore and starved to death in the Penn after a measly 7 hours. It's was going to be a Death Challenge on Day 3 but because Bella died it will have to be a Reward Challenge, good job Bella, even Grim is ashamed. Well that marks the end of Day 2, lets hope Day 3 goes better!

Day 3


Day 3 was supposed to be a Death Challenge but because Bella died after the Punishment Challenge we're doing a Reward Challenge. Here we have 7 broken bath tubs (and a vase of flowers to remember Bella), the first person to fix the bath tub gets to stay in the victory hose and gets a reward. Let's see who wins.


Now apparently because I made the sassiest Sims in the world they all refuse to fix the tubs... So lets do something better!


Like a giant spinning ball! Mwhahaha! Let's see who lasts the longest in one of these!


They're not doing too well huh?


Well it looks like Snake is the winner, meaning he gets to spend 24 hours in the Victory House and also gets a reward that you get to choose!



It seems Snake gets a private Bathroom, good for you Snake, don't take it for granted! Anyway, here you go Snake, your very own Private Bathroom! Snake sure is having fun in the Victory House, he's watching a show about Doctors and stuff. The others are all crowding in their bathroom fighting over the toilet. As soon as someone asks one person to leave, another one comes in, it's like a shooing cylce or something.


PGP is still upset about the death of Bella and just stands around the grave all day crying. I feel kinda bad actually. Poor PGP.


Anyway, it's 20:00pm meaning the 3 meals are placed outside, Zelda, Mario and Misty got to them first so they sat at the table and ate them until about 23:00pm. It'll be Day 4 soon, a Death Challenge day, good luck guys, you'll need it!

Day 4

A new day has begun and it's finally a Death Challenge! Our 7 contestents are ready for a dip in the death pool. They will swim until one of them drowns! Good luck!


Here we go, they're in! It looks so crowded, i'm surprised they all haven't just crushed eachother or something not to mention Ganondorf and Mario are fat. So, lets see who dies first.


Well that didn't last very long, Mario must have been so tired he just sunk like a brick! So Mario loses and everyone else is free to get out of the pool.


It's 20:00pm, the food is out, Zelda and Lee got some food and as per usual, Misty got some food too, Misty is clearly either always hungry, very greedy or just 100% gluttonous.


Well, that's about it for Day 4. Day 5 will be a food challenge so be sure to get voting!

Day 5

So we're already 5 Days in, the polls have been counted and the games will now begin, today's challenge is fun one, who can win over Mrs. Crumplebottom in a flirt off, whoever wins her gross old heart wins and gets a 3 plates of food to share with Zelda (if Zelda wins, Zelda would have to share with PGP). Let the games begin!



S̊ͩ̾ͪͧ҉̗͎̲͞͞H͇̮͛͛̔͐̅̈́̔ͯ͘Ȅ͚͓̝̀ͣ͘'̵̘̞̝̹͙̲ͦͯ̀ͥ̒͜Ṡ̷̹̆͌̄̕ ̵̧̪͑ͬ͐͋͑̏̉H̢̳̬͔̮͍̤̺̬ͩ̉͆͗͊̔͒͐͜È̯͈ͯ̐͟͝R̂ͤ̂̏ͩͩ҉̨̣̼̼͇̻̦̖̖E̠̦͖̰̬͂̓̏͊͘͞ͅ


So, in order of flirting, it will go Snake, Ganondorf, Misty, PGP, Lee and Zelda. Mrs. Crumblebottom has -100 relationship points with all of them and has a turn off for stink, so to make it more fun i'll drag down their hygiene bars to 0 so they all smell. Have fun dating guys. Hehehehe.


Well, Snake isn't doing too well. She's not so fond of him, oh well, let's see if Ganondorf can do any better.

oh look there's Bella


Ganondorf is actually doing okay, who knew he had such a way with the ladies!


Oh wow, Misty, calm yourself girl! Jeez!






Wow. Mrs. Crumplebottom really doesn't like anyone does she, jeez.


Well, somehow it seems Ganondorf won the flirt off, so Ganondorf gets to share a meal with Zelda.


Wow, that must be awkward, with the whole "take over Hyrule" thing. Oh well, congrats Ganondorf. Anyway, tomorow i think we'll have another Death Challenge, and to remember the Fantendo Flames we'll have a Fire Challenge, hehe, good luck guys!

Day 6


Yeah we got the fire, fire, fire, fire, Yeah got the fire, fire, fire.

And we gonna let it burn, burn!


rip Ganondorf </3


Well, Misty got the food again, but so did Snake and PGP so that's a first? (well, for Snake at least). Misty is gonna be so faaaaaaaaaaaaat. It's a good thing tomorows challenge is a sporty one.

Day 7

Here we are, one week in, today is a Reward Challenge so the winner gets a Reward and gets to stay in the Victory House. The challenge will be who can pump to most iron before getting tired out. Good  luck!


Let's get started!


PGP is doing the best and Zelda is doing the worst, Misty isn't far behind PGP but Lee is almost last place, Snake is just, well, Snake.


PGP wins, I guess it was either her determination or the fact that she's a robot that let her win. Well, now you get a reward. Good work PGP!



Welcome back Bella, you sure look different!


So while Bella and PGP eat Goombas and catch up, the others are fighting over the bathroom again, Misty is such a bathroom hogger! Well, that's about it for today, lets see what happens on Day 8!

Day 8

Now, because it has been a whole week without food on demand, i will turn around the fridge for the day. 0048DC

Today's challenge will be another Death Challengee because i find them fun, but it will be different, thanks to ϞPlazzapϟ (tbc) for the idea, the winner of the challenge will die, rather than the looser, bwhahaha, good luck.


Whoever fixes the stereo first will be electrocuted to death! Mwhahahahaaaa!!


Well Misty won that so it seems we need to kill her, sorry Misty, I know how much you like eating, let's hope there's food on the other side.


Bye Misty.

ooh, PGP looks so sad ;~;

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