These are cutscenes that appear in the story mode in Super Smash Bros Crossing Worlds. There are a total of 12 storylines; which often invole the Newcomers and veterans of Smash Bros teaming up to save their worlds from the Forces of Subspace! As well as the ever mysterious Dark Shadow Lord!

Beginning Speech

Narrator: January 21, 1999.. a time that had started the craze known as Super Smash Bros.... And had introduced us to the world of Trophies... That world was simple, when a fighter completes their hardness trials, they are granted a trophy in their honor.... However, 20 years pass.... And a new evil has risen.... Will you be the one to set things right?

Level 1: A Secretary's Secret; Isabelle is a Fighter?!

Playable Characters: Villager, Isabelle

Goal: Escape Animal Village via Resetti's Tunnels!

Foes Encountered: Klap Trap, Klobber, Klomp, Kremlings

Mini-Bosses: Villager or Isabelle (Depending on who the player chooses)

Boss: Kleaver

Music: Our Little Secret (DOA5:LR) Mine Cart Carnage.(DKC) Boss Bossanova (DKC 2)

Cutscene 1: Sparring Op

(The level starts on a normal day in Animal Village, with the Villager waking up from a long nap)

Villager: *Yawn* Man... I slept like a rock last night..... Wonder what time it is.... (He looks at his clock and notices that it is 7:00am) Wow! I slept so long it's nearly dawn! Well, the early bird gets the worm! I wonder if Isabelle is in....

(The Villager exits his home and heads to town hall, but before he could, a familuar face pops out of a hole)

Villager: Nyah! Hey there R-Resetti! You nearly startled me!

Mr. Resetti: Yeah well, stuff like that happens... Anyway, I guess you woke up this early to check on Isabelle....

Villager: Of course!

Mr. Resetti: I guess it's also because.... You like her!

Villager: (Blushing) W-What?! Nah! I mean come on! I am pretty sure that King Spainel named Martin likes her.... Why would you think of that?!

Mr. Resetti: Aw relax kid! I'm just joking with ya! Anyway, I just came to remind you of the digging of that time capsule you found yesterday.

Villager: Time capsule?

Mr. Resetti: Yeah! It was a big one too! Oh wait a minute... You don't remember much because you were sleeping! Well the thing is, Rover found a pretty big Time capsule! It looked like one of those escape pods from Star Wars! Anyway, you go and find Isabelle so you can open it up.

Villager: Where is it anyway?

Mr. Resetti: Well since you were kinda tired, I didn't wanna disrupt your slumber. So I told Blathers to take good care of it.

Villager: Well I'm glad it isn't in the wrong hands.

Mr. Resetti: Hey this place is filled with nice people, so why would there be any wrong hands?! Either way, you go and find Isabelle so you can unveil that big Time pod.

Villager: Alright! See ya Mr. Resetti!

Mr. Resetti: See ya later!

(The Villager then runs off to Town Hall and finds it mysterious empty)

Villager: Isabelle? Are you in? Resetti told me something about this time capsule we need to unveil.... Isabelle?

(The Villager looks around, only to find his secretary nowhere to be found!)

Villager: Now where can she be??

(The Villager then hears music coming from somewhere)

Villager: Where is that music coming from? (He scratches his head and looks around, until he finds a knob to a hatch) Hm? Wonder what this is? (He then pulls it and it opens to reveal a batch of stairs) Well that's odd.... I never saw these before... I wonder where they lead?

(The Villager then heads down the stairs, and discovers a dojo like area. There, he sees a familuar face practicing martial arts moves)

Villager: Isabelle?

Isabelle: Yah! (She then judo flips the Villager) Oh dear...

Villager: Ow..... That hurt!

Isabelle: Oh! I am so sorry! Can you stand up!?

Villager: Yeah, I'm find Isabelle... (Isabelle then helps him up) I never knew you were a fighter!

Isabelle: Oh... W-Well I actually am! I'm really a f-fourth degree blackbelt really.... I sorta picked them up from a traveling sensai... I never really knew her name...

Villager: Well to be honest, that was pretty sweet on how you did that move!

Isabelle: O-Oh... Thanks mayor.... Y-You think we can try a practice round?

Villager: Sure! If you want!

Isabelle: W-Well.... Okay! (She bows and gets into stance) Don't hold back sir, I'm giving this all I got!

(The battle then begins.... As soon as you chose who to play as...)

Cutscene 2: Escape Tunnels!

Cutscene 3: Kremling Kalamity!

Cutscene 4: Escape to the City!

Level 2: Mayhem at the Museum; Three Heroes Awaken!

Playable Characters: Scrooge Mcduck, Dogtanian and Underdog

Goal: Find a way out of the museum and figure out what in the world is causing the fossils come alive!

Foes Encountered: Shadow Aerodactyl, Skuttler, Skuttler Cannoneer, Skuttler Mage

Bosses: Great Reaper, Tyrant King

Music: Money Bin (Ducktales Remastered), Boss Fight 1 (Kid Icarus Uprising), Bloody Nocturne (DOA5U), Boss Battle (Ducktales Remastered)

Cutscene 5: Where are we?

(The level starts in the museum, alone and abandoned due to the evacuation of Smashville. That is... until the vault starts shaking and rattling, until three figures are launched out. Two of them are dogs, and the other is a duck)

Scrooge McDuck: Curse me kilts! What happened?!

Dogtanian: How should I know...

Underdog: A more better question is why no one is even here..... Odd....

(A monitor then appears, and shows a masked villian. So far, her name is known only as.... The Masked Mistress)

Masked Mistress: You are in the year known as 2019..... And you have sadly gotten in the way of my invasion!

Scrooge McDuck: Invasion?? What in the name of Duckberg are ye talking about?!

Masked Mistress: Maybe this will answer your question.... Skuttlers! Seize these dusted relics!

(An army of Skuttlers then appear)

Dogtanian: I'm not sure what is going on, but it looks like we'll have to fight our way outta here!

Underdog: I am ahead of ya!

Scrooge McDuck: I agree with you more... But I feel like I may need to be careful... (He then readies his cane)

Cutscene 6: Fear for this Reaper!

Cutscene 7: Rise of the Tyrant King

Cutscene 8: Finding the Source!

Level 3: War on Color!

Playable Characters: Inkling, De Blob, The Squid Sisters, Smeargle

Goal: Stop Comrade Black from taking control of the Great Zapfish!

Foes Encountered: Inky Soldier, Octoling, Elite Inky, Leech Bot

Mini Boss: Shadow Mewtwo

Boss: Mutant Inky

Music: Euphoric (De Blob), Team Galaxtic Battle (Pokemon), Octoling Attack (Splatoon), Pac-Galaxtic (De Blob 2)

Cutscene 9: Inky Invasion!

Cutscene 10: Smeared Canvas

Cutscene 11: Mutant Mayhem!

Cutscene 12: After the Comrade!

Level 4: When Dreams become Nightmares!

Playable Characters: Kirby, King Dedede, Meta Knight, Escargoon, Rayman, Barbara the Barbarian, Raving Rabbids

Goal: Figure out what is causing nightmares in Dreamland!

Foes Encountered: Hoodboom, Hoodblaster, Sir Kibble, Lanzer

Bosses: Slice and Splice; Hoodstomper

Music: The Adventure Begins (Kirby's Return to Dreamland), Boss Battle (Kirby Melody), Hoodoo's Theme (Rayman 3), Mecha-Legs (Rayman 3)

Cutscene 13: Nightmare in Dreamland!

Cutscene 14: Spliced Legends

Cutscene 15: Hoodlum Havoc!

Cutscene 16: A Raving Nightmare!

Level 5: Brick by Brick; Nature's Bag O' Tricks!

Playable Characters: Chase Mccain; Unikitty, Viridi, Star Butterfly, Pit, Palutena

Goal: Stop the Micromangers and Forces of Nature from tearing apart Skyworld!

Foes Encountered: Micromanger, Robot Guard, Boom Stomper, Bumpty Bombs

Mini Boss: Shadow Palutena

Boss: Cragalanche

Music: Thunder Cloud Temple (Kid Icarus Uprising), Lightning Chariot (Kid Icarus Uprising) Cloud Cuckoo Land (The Lego Movie; The Game) Escape from Bricksburg (The Lego Movie; The Game)

Cutscene 17: Chaos in the Skies!

Cutscene 18: Clouds Gone Cuckoo!

Cutscene 19: Boulder Betrayment!

Cutscene 20: Clouds of Fire!

Level 6: Dissaray in Adventure Bay!

Playable Characters: Ryder & PAW Patrol; The Hinako Triplets, Clockwise Hinako; Ness; Kumatora; Lucas

Goal: Figure out who or what is causing aliens to attack Adventure Bay!

Foes Encountered: Rowdy Mouse; Devil Car; Swooper: Zoomer

Boss Battles: Mecha Drago; Kraid

Music: Onett (Mother); Unfounded Revenge (Mother 3); You Call This a Utopia?! (Mother 3); Lockdown Battle Theme (Metroid Other M)

Level 7: Mushroom Kingdom Catastrophe!

Playable Characters: Bowser; Bowser Jr; Luigi; Mario; Peach; Daisy; Kamek; Nabbit

Goal: Stop Emily Shinjitsu from taking over the Mushroom Kingdom!

Foes Encountered: Sardine Shooter; Yarn Chomper; Heckling Heidis; Heidi Hawker

Mini Boss: Fawful

Boss Battle: Mega Dry Bowser

Music: Ground Theme (New Super Mario Bros); Tough Guy Alert! (Bowser's Inside Story); Underground Theme (Super Mario Land); Fortress Boss (Super Mario World

Level 8: Aurum Antics!

Playable Characters: Fox, Falco, Wolf, Krystal; Ashley; 9-Volt

Goal: Take back the Sargasso Space Zone from the Aurum!

Foes Encountered: Ruffian; Aparoid Crawler; Gauntlet Ghoul; Gauntlet Orc

Boss Battles: Red Eye; Pixelated Donkey Kong

Music: Star Wolf (Star Fox Assault); Boss Battle (Star Fox 64); Homerina Burana; (The Simpsons Game) Incoming Enemy! (Star Fox)

Level 9: Anti-Mon Mayhem

Playable Characters: Pikachu, Pichu, Greninja, Charizard, Eevee, Jigglypuff, Lucario

Goal: Stop the Anti-Mon from turning Viridian City into a Wasteland!

Foes Encountered: Tri-Saw; Bo-Stag; Buzz-Chaku; Yarn Brawler

Mini-Boss: Poke-Alloy Ambush!

Boss Battle: Muer-Toro

Music: Route 209 (Pokemon Diamond and Pearl); Trainer Battle! (Pokemon X and Y); Road to Viridian City (Red and Blue) Victory Road (Ruby and Saphire)

Level 10: Trouble in Paradise

Playable Characters: Amigo

Level 11: Retro Rebels Formed; The 8-Bit Band O' Misfits!

Playable Charaters: Ice Climbers; R.O.B; Mr. Game and Watch; Duck Hunt

Level 12: Deadpool's Dino-Sized Dilemma!

Characters: Deadpool

Characters Unlocked: Tifa Lockhart

Goal: Stop the Dino-Scars from tearing up Manhatten!

Foes Encountered: Terror-Dactyl; Zap-Claw; Malberos; Dark Cactar

Boss: Typhon

Music: Level 1 (Double Dragon); Battle Theme (Final Fantasy 7)

Level 13: City Climax!

Level 14: Brother Bondage

Level 15: To the Moon; Inklings!

Level 16: Glade of Nightmares

Level 17: The Man Upstairs is Not what he Seems.....

Level 18: Scuttle Town Scuffle

Level 19: Another Castle; But Still needs to be Searched!

Playable Characters: Mario, Luigi, Nabbit, Bowser, Wario

Goal: Save whoever is in the castle!

Unlocked Characters: Robot Chicken; Captian Falcon

Foes Encountered: Snapping Jaw; Thunder Sumo; Banzai Bill; Swooper

Mini Boss: Shadow Koopaling Rush!

Boss Battle: Terror-Vision

Music: Fortress/Castle Boss (Super Mario World/Super Mario 3); Fortress Boss (Super Mario World) Mario Bros (Mario Bros) Climb Up and get the Last Chance! (F-Zero)

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