The Vane Lengends is a series made by StarMan Productions which states that a 1,000 year ghost named Vane has escaped from the APS (all powerful secreat)...

Main Concept

The story takes place in the present year: 2015 Ace and Jackson are watching the news when a report of an explosion near Vail, Colorado. It turns out (as they find out later) the mountain that had expload went off because someone or something had escaped from the APS, the all prowerful sealing unit. After eveasdropping at the FBI Headquarters in Washington DC, the freinds find out that who has escaped was Vane: An threat that almost caused the end of all good nature back then. The Movie tells about how Ace and Jackson chases Vane around the world and  makes sure Vane does not put the world into darkness... its coming in 2015.

The Main Charcthers 

Name: FA: Desription:
Ace Everywhere Ace is a child of the once known Attacker. He loves juice and does anything for a laugh! Ace has a big secreat.
Jackson Everywhere Jackson is a child of the Huntress, he will do anything for a movie and little action!
Gen. Grover Vail, Colorado Gen. Grover is the leader of the Anti-BadGuys Inc. He stops at nothing to get his guy... nothing.

Vane and his baddies

Name: Desription Danger Level:
Vane Vane is the thousend year ghost who got sealed by the Bad Guy Inc in 1949. He is back for revenge. He can throw spirit balls which posses enmies. He can then turn them into one of his own baddies. He also has hypnois and more. 1,000,000,00,00,000,000
V-Serpents V-Serpents were Vanes henchmen or henchserpents when he took over the world. V-Serpents have Hypnois, ability to turn human, snake, and V-Serpent. Power to squezze enmies to death and more. 9,000,000,00,00,000,000
V-Crocs V-Crocs were Vanes Evil Spys, they would spy then attack and steal things from humans soles. They can punch down buildings. and more 500,000
DreamVanes DreamVanes can go into humans dreams and steal inforomation. Once a DreamVane went into Aces dream and stole some chips from his dreams (Weird) 100,000,000

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