The V.I.P. Doors is a Season 1 episode from The Super Mario 64 Anime. Series.

Time Cards: None shown.


One day, MarioMario54321 set up V.I.P. doors around and inside the castle. Mario, in his kart, is on his way to the castle. Once he is at the entrance, he doesn't remember doors being red. He tries opening it, but it killed him, until the meter is full and Mario tried again, but guess what? Same result! He tries the basement door, but same result! He goes off into the cannon to the courtyard and tries the courtyard door, but same result! He goes back to the castle grounds, ground-pounds five times, and then he saw a script. He wrote in "Mario" next to "MarioMario54321", and when he touched the door, it didn't kill him, and he went inside. He found all red doors that he wanted to rescript all them. A sudden voice appeared, and it was MarioMario54321, telling Mario about the V.I.P. doors.


View here.

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