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The Uprising is a upcoming Fan-Fiction made by Xzelion. It is a high depth fan-fic that takes the reader into the heart of a war.


Bowser World, a dark mysterious world far the from the reaches of the Mushroom world. The skys were dim and dark, and warriors were trained day-in-and-day-out. But one certain group, stared an Uprising. Bowser's Army consisted of thousand of troops. But The Hammer Brother's leader Kledge was a brilliant military mind. He was trained in nearly all fields. One day he launched an assualt on Peach's Castle and meet Mario. Mario revealed Bowser's plans to destroy everything. Kledge lead his Hammer Brother's in a revolt againt King Bowser. The armys split fielding a civil was between the Army. This is the tale of the Victories and Failures of this war. The Uprising War.

Chapter One

  • Location: Bob-omb Battlefield
  • Time: 20:00
  • Situation: Desprate

The situation was Dire, One of the Hammer Brother Rebllion's best Soldiers, Krush-Hammer Brother-227. His army was crushed, the Koopas outnumbered them and overpowered them. He had a plan, a dangerous plan. One that could cause total destruction of his army. But it could also destroy the Koopa Troop. He gathered his wits, and launched the plan.

The Koopa Troop was split in half, warring against themself. King Boo and Kledge continued to wage war againt Bowser and his army, Few advantages that Bowser had was, The Magikoopa and his Advisors Kammy and Kamek. As well as seemingly infinte troops, and bowser, and his Koopalings. The Rebellion had few advantages, King Boo and his army of Boo, an overwelming number of Hammer Brothers, and nearly half of Bowser's Airships. The war had just started and many had already died. Bowser stormed through his caslte up to his throne. The Castle Filled with his best troops, koopatrols. He sat in his large throne-tyoe seat. His arms spread around the arm rests. His feet set in front of him. He waited. The large door split in two as Kammy and Kamek came in. Both riding on their Broomsticks. Bowser screamed, "What took you so long!" The anger and the power of his voice sweeping the two magikoopas off their brooms. Kamek landed first, Kammy landed on top of him. Bowser stood to his feet. He crossed his arms, "Are the plans ready?" he saked eagerly.

  • Kamek stood to his feet, "Sorta...we need one more thing."
  • Bowser stared at Kamek, "What?"
  • Kamek shook his head, "Not a what, but a Who."

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