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Developer(s) ThermoBurst
Publisher(s) Wiki-wordmark
Platform(s) Thermo Z /
Genre(s) RPG
Release Date(s)
July 21st, 2017
Single-Player, Index, The Arena, Collection Room, Minigames
Age Rating(s)
ESRB2013E Cero a YfgPEGI 3.svgUSK 6
Media Included Thermo Z Game Disc / V² Game Disc / Digital Software

The Unusuals is a Beat 'em up/RPG hybrid released for the Thermo Z and systems internationally on July 21st, 2017.

The game revolves around a group of mutated humans, all with special powers; they are now on the run from various organizations and they must keep themselves - and each other - safe from imprisonment and abuse.



The game is a hybrid of the beat 'em up and RPG game genres, as stated before; the player will go around the overworld, defeating monsters and other foes while also completing certain quests. The "Unusuals", the species and main protagonists of the game, each have different abilities that cause their battling style to vary. For example, some can manipulate ice, allowing them to attack enemies with ice shards or freeze them so they become immobilized, and some can attack with the power of nature, using plants and animals to deal damage and even assist themselves.

The player takes control of their own party of characters, with them being able to have 5 characters in their team at once. One character will be the leader, deciding the type of team the player has and most team decisions, whereas the other four will serve as members. The player can change their team at any time; at first, they will not have enough characters to form a full team, but as they unlock more, their team will become full and they will have to think of new combinations that work with their gameplay style. Each character can also be leveled up to strengthen them.

Each character has several attributes that make them up. First is their Class; this is the attribute that defines the "special powers" talked about before that they have; there is a large amount of classes, all of which are determined by a code-based combination of colors and shapes. There are many different colors, each determining different powers, but there are only two shapes; a square detonates a male character, whereas a triangle detonates a female character. Second is their Basic Information, which includes their name, race, height, weight, etc. Third is their Personality, which is randomized by the game. The character's personality determines their Stats, which are key elements to their battling; it determines how strong their attacks are, how often they hit, how much damage they take from attacks, etc. A list of stats is shown below:

  • Health: How much damage they can take before being knocked out.
  • Power: How much damage they deal with their more physical attacks, such as punching and kicking.
    • Weapon Power: A separate form of power. This stat is determined by the weapons or armor being used, and decides how much damage the equipment deals.
    • Special Power: How much damage an Unusual's special abilities deal.
  • Defense: How much damage the Unusual takes from attacks. The defense system for physical attacks, equipment, and special abilities is all merged into one stat.
  • Charisma: How much the player's team is focused. The more charisma a leader has, the more damage and combos the team members can deal.
  • Luck: How often a critical hit or side effect will occur from an attack.

Finally are their Attacks, which vary depending on what the character is equipped with. Each character has the basic moveset granted by their class, as well as basic techniques such as punching and kicking, but weapons and armor can be equipped to them that grant them new attacks to use.

The player can also gain a Pet, which are miniature monsters that serve as an addition to their team. There can only be one pet per team, and that pet is associated with the team leader. The pet practically serves as a sixth member; they attack on their own and can be leveled up just like regular team members, but they cannot be equipped with weapons or armor.



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  • This is Kingler (tbc)'s first major original project.

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