The Unlimited Squadren is a team made out of Barker and his Friends's DNA matches. They are much like the Elemental Clouds and the Tike Tyrants, but are younger then the Elemental Clouds and some of the members are older then the Tike Tyrants.


List of members
Character Information Zodiac Sign Element Age Joined First Appearence Weapons Gender Abilities

Marcus Christopher Blood Hound

Team Leadrer. Barker's DNA match. His best friend is Perry. His sidekick is Perry. He is often mixed up with Roller.(Barker's Son)

Sagittarius Fire 8 June 2nd, 2015 Barker and Quack: Unlimited Flame Sword, Meta Fist Male Heat Breath, Average Strength, Ex- Tai Kwon Do student
Terrance "Perry" Jonathan Armstrong 2nd in Command. Quack's DNA match. His best friend is Marcus and is Marcus's sidekick. Picses Ice 6 June 2nd, 2015 Barker and Quack: Unlimited Ice Hammer, Steel Grappling Hook Male Good Speed, Can fly, Tai-chi Student, Can shoot Ice Balls
Robert "Bobby" Butthurst Heffley The group's Strong guy. Peep's DNA match. His best friend is Ricky. He has an IQ of 23. Taurus Darkness 9 June 2nd, 2015 Barker and Quack: Unlimited Dark Bow and Arrow, Iron Spikes Male Boxer, Super Strength, Can shoot dark balls
Richard "Ricky" Kent Puff The pilot of the Unlimited Craft. Bobby's Best Friend. Chef Puff's DNA match. Leo Life 7 June 2nd, 2015 Barker and Quack: Unlimited Life Staff, Gold Armor Male Plant Control, Master Cook, Great Runner
Elizabeth "Lisa" Grace Puff the III The first girl on the team. Cherry and Chef Puff's mix DNA match. Chef Puff's niece. Capricorn Bomb 8 June 2nd, 2015 Barker's Adventure 2: 8 worlds Blasty Bomb, Silver Ribbon Blade Female Rookie Cook, Great Gymnastist, Ex Ballerina
Martin "Marty" Clam Kiffy Jr. The 1st hybrid on the team. Kirby's Cousin's Son's Son. Stomp's DNA match. Cancer Earth 9 June 2nd, 2015 Barker and Quack: Unliimited Earth Axe, Gold Sharpener Male Tap Dancer, Black Belt, Can read Animals thoughts.
Cassandra "Cass" Arriana Mia A young squirrel. Cherry's DNA match. Ten's Niece. Aries Love 8 June 4th, 2015 Barker and Quack: Unlimited Love Blaster, Unlimited Helmet Female Magician, Acrobatic
Pria Sienna Cooper Baby Female Chick. Was going to be a dancer, but stopped trying. Quackla's DNA match. Libra Air 5 June 10th, 2015 Barker and Quack: Unlimited Air Dagger, Glider Female Rookie Pilot, Ex Toy Maker
Theodore Manny McDonald The youngest. Munk Googoo's DNA match. Mail Carrier Scorpio Light, Life 4 July 4th, 2015 Unlimited Light Shield Male Ex Knight, Good Runner, Can Fly
Flambis The latest member. Flambo's DNA match. Fire person. Leo Fire, Smoke 6 July 5th, 2015 Unlimited Fire Boot Male Inferno Speed, Fire Protector, Inferno Blast


Barker and Quack: Unlimited

In this game, Marcus and the others are the chosen ones that Barker and Quack chose when they were looking for new possible protectors of Cloudius. As soon as Barker and the others are captured, letters for the new protectors of Cloudius were sent, and the kids accepted. They then went on to save the others and save Cloudius.

Tike Tyrants 2

The Unlimited Squadren members are in their superhero identedies. Some characters are available in adventure mode from the start, like Marcus and Ricky, while some are unlocked through the story, like Perry and Bobby.


In this game, Marcus and Perry must save Cloudius aswell as his friends from the evil clutches of Runtus's Apprentice, King and his friends.


  • Marcus is also called Carlos in Japan.
  • Perry was going to be called Pokey, and he is in Japan.
  • Origanally, Cass was also a dog.
  • Manny has many simalarities with iPenguin character Larry.

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