The Unlikely Life of a Teenager
Producer(s) Fantex Studios
Distributor(s) Fantex Studios
Broadcaster(s) Fan TV
Type Anime
Genre(s) Slice of life, humor, etc..
First Air Date(s)
Last Air Date(s)
Opening Theme TBA
Ending Theme TBA
So welcome to my life. I live everyday with a detective who solves mysteries from the past and the present, A lightblue creature that shoots electric stuff and many, many more other creatures. Welcome to my unlikely, teenager life.

The Unlikely Life of a Teenager is the first production created by Fantex Studios, it is a mix of many genres, mainly "Slice of life" + "humor". It is anime about a life of a teenager, who have the most strangest friends and the even more stranger adventures.

The anime is going to be written by 12 users.


  1. Locky
  2. Sora*
  3. Pablo
  4. Last*
  5. Hayden
  6. SDMK
  7. Brochi
  8. Eva
  9. Osaka
  10. KMM
  11. Jesse
  12. Tess

*Not confirmed if he/she is going to participate.


The story takes place on a unnamed city located at the Fantendoverse, and takes place on a teenager's life and his daily stuff.





Episode Name Description Writer
1 Dangerous Beings Locky, Volt and ??? decides to test out the new D&D board, Nightmare Realm at 4:50PM. But things aren't going to be like it looks like. Locky
2 ??? ??? Sorastitch*
3 ??? ??? Pablo
4 ??? ??? Last*
5 ??? ??? Hayden
6 ??? ??? SDMK
7 ??? ??? Brochi
8 ??? ??? Eva
9 ??? ??? Osaka
10 ??? ??? KMM
11 ??? ??? Jesse
12 ??? ??? Tess

Theme Songs


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