The Unknown Academy is a story by Minimariolover10. This is about years when Mario has died, and Luigi is missing. This features many different video game characters, and some made up.


When Mario has died, and Luigi went missing, some worlds are not stable. Sonic even has died, all from the Plutnis disease. Yoshi's Island is destroyed by an earthquake, most of it's residents were killed. Yoshi has survive, and moved to an academy. This stars Heporoo who is taken to the academy. One problem is- no one understands the use of it. To Heporo's advantage, he is similar to Rayman- no limbs.


Chapter 1: Working on the Walls

"What is the use of these walls?! You expect children to make these?!", I said after being assigned to build "safety" walls for the buildings. "Hush, young student. 349 kids can build a wall. And these days, things are out of hand. Especially if someone with Plutnis comes in.", said the mentor. "Fine", I said with a long sigh. I began climbing piles of rocks to look for one big one to carry. In the corner of my eye, I saw one I could compare to a titan! I tried to lift it- no use. I called for help. All kids begin trying to help me. This was hard, but I don't have arms to worry about. We lifted it to it's spot, and let go. It started to tilt. Everyone was panicing! I simply launched my hands at the wall, trying and trying to push it. I swooped out of the way, and the impact dust was all over me. All the students were waiting to see if I was squished like a pancake that met a hammer. Instead I got up. And boy, I had aching all over. I simply fell. I squinting my eyes. The last thing I remember seeing before being carried into the Medical room is when Piantas with white outfits and a stretcher were marching towards me. The nurse wasn't there, and I felt good all ready. I wrote a note saying on my bed "I am going back to work on the walls. Remember, you want less people in your office!". I walked out, and saw a door, it had text "Egg Room". I didn't know how to get to the outside courtyard, and no other doors were around, so I marched into the door.

Chapter 2: Someone Thought Dead

I saw piles of eggs. I heard mumbling noises. I slowly creeped onto the pile of eggs. What I saw was Yoshi! Excited, I knocked a few eggs down and landed on my head in the ground. Yoshi got up from his sitting spot and said, "Wait huh? Who's there? My eggs are delicate!". I tried looking for an exit, other then a door. But before I knew it, I saw a thick red togune sling right at me. I woke up, in a very dark place. I was packaged into something. I felt a big WAM and crashed into the wall. I began to bleed. Yoshi was right over me. "Don't do that, or you will get hurt", he said. "Kill off all the academy students, will ya?", I said. Yoshi sighed and sat back down. "Hey, what's the matter?", I asked him. "Sorry", Yoshi mumbled. "Answer me. C'mon.", I kept on saying. Yoshi would just ignore me. I finally dared to kick him. It sent him bashing into the wall. "Alright, alright. I'm sorry. I'm just not the same these days. My home was destroyed, I'm the last of my species, and Mario was killed and Luigi went missing. Please understand. PLEASE understand. I can't take it any more!", Yoshi finally responded. "Then why are you laying so much eggs?", I said. "For more Yoshi students and to keep the species alive. They'd said I would be safe in the academy where we are protected.", he responded in a low voice. "So, you're female?", I asked. "What?! NO! Yoshis are asexual, and we do not have a gender. But I'd rather be called male then female.", Yoshi responded, about ready to hurt me. "So, what's the point of this academy?", I said. "To raise a new life, away in isolation from the ill.", Yoshi responded, like he had to say that hundred times. "So...all...students were sent here t be safe?!", I replied dumbfounded. "Yes. You must go continue your work now. Come back later.", he said. He signed a green and white slip, it said I was allowed to see him without being in trouble.

I went back to working on the walls. It was boring but I was quite excited to be given a second chance to live. I can't even believe I met Yoshi! I am always curious what he'll say when I come back. At the night, it went to a party for the new kids. Every 6 months, they allow more people in. At the bar, I was there, drinking Mushroom Tea. It was very interesting to watch the people putting on a show. It was almost a mile away, actually. They really go that exotic with this. The people dancing were titans, so they were easy to see from even a mile. Someone said I had to get more Mushrooms from the outside boxes. I walked out, downing stairs and into a door. There, people were fighting with robbers. Rayman was pounded on the ground. He got back up and slung a fist at one of the robbers. It knocked him down, and Rayman sighed. He was security. "Am I looking through something? You too have o limbs?", he said. "Yes, kinda. That was cool! And can I have that mushroom box?", I replied clapping. He lifted it and tossed it into my hands. I carried it up, and more tea was made. I decided to take a seat in the crowd. The titan took a gigantic gold piece, and smashed it on his head! It looked like fire, but more and more gold. A chunk landed next to me. I grabbed it. And because of the gold, I saw a reflection of a Koopa. I looked farther over. There was a Koopa and a Goomba sitting. I wonder when we'll be taught something.

During the show, I remembered Yoshi. I began to climb up stairs and go inside his room. There, he had a few baby Yoshis in the room. "This is why I wanted you to come back. The eggs I layed from awhile ago finally hatched.", he said when he first noticed me. I gave one a cookie. It completely ate it whole. "Yoshis of all kinds love cookies. Where'd you get cookies?", Yoshi said. "We're having a party down stairs! C'mon!", I snapped. "No thank you, sorry", Yoshi said softly. I then literally pulled him down on the stairs. He gazed around, and said, "I have never seen a party and so much fun in awhile!". He went to the bar to grab Melon Juice. Everyone was shocked to see Yoshi! Yoshi was chatting among others, and I went to go explore other areas of the party.

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