The Universal Clash is an umbrella fighting game (so original right?) made by Claus the Mighty.


Unlike most umbrella fighters, this game isn't a SSB clone. Instead, the stages are 3D. The goal is the same as Smash though, just knock your opponents past the blast lines of the stage so they can lose a stock. Unlike SSB though, the move types from those games don't return (Neutral B, Side B, Up B, Down B). Also, the stages are more interactive than in SSB, like certain moves can destroy certain objects or make certain things happen.


There are 60 characters overall, 34 are default and 26 are unlockable.


Image Name/Series Character Type Description
200px-Mario Artwork - Mario Party Island Tour Mario/Super Mario Balanced Mario is the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, and he always has to save Princess Peach from the evil Bowser. He is also one of the most iconic characters in gaming if not the most iconic. He uses attacks based off of his various power-ups.
Redgoldmariowe Red Gold Mario/The Universal Clash Power How did this happen? Are there seriously more Metal clones in the Mushroom Kingdom? Who thought this was a good idea in the first place?
Mecha sonic test 01 by streakthunderstorm-d5bu6gg Mecha Sonic/Sonic the Hedgehog Speed Hey look, it is everyone's favorite blue hedgeho-NOPE! Instead, his Mecha clone created by the evil Dr. Eggman joins the clash! He can use various attacks based off of the battle with him in Sonic 3 & Knuckles.
200px-Tailsdecal Tails/Sonic the Hedgehog Technical Okay, here is a Sonic character who isn't a robot copy, Sonic's sidekick is here!Tails is one of the more mobile characters in the game, being able to fly by propelling himself using his two tails.
MASKEDMAN the Masked Man/Mother Tricky I'm pretty sure that everyone knew that the Masked Man would be in the game when they read that it was created by Claus the Mighty back when they read the part near the top of the page. He can use his beam sword, his arm cannon, and PSI powers to attack.
Kumatora4 Kumatora/Mother Balanced Kumatora is Claus the Mighty's fictional gf the princess of Oshoe Castle. She is a user of PSI, and her moves are mainly offensive, so she is a good character for dealing damage.
Meta Knight garridk Meta Knight/Kirby Speed Meta Knight is Kirby's rival, and nowadays he is more friendly with the pink puffball, often accompanying him on his adventures. Also, he isn't as broken as he was in SSBB. Meta Knight mainly attacks using his sword and tornadoes.
Mickeyisepic Mickey Mouse/Mickey Mouse Balanced Mickey Mouse, who is arguably the most popular character in all of fiction, joins the clash! His appearance and moves are based off of him in Epic Mickey.
LinkHyruleWarriorsRender Link/TLoZ Technical Link, the Hero of Time, appears in this game! His appearance is based off of his look from Hyrule Warriors, and he can use his several weapons to attack.
Nyancat Nyan Cat/ the Internet Speed Oh memes, how much I hate them. Nyan Cat somehow manages to fly his way into battle (much to the game's creator's dismay) He attacks using his ULTRA RAINBOW POWERS!!
Hrsa Head3000/the Internet Balanced Head3000 is one of the lesser known characters in the game. When you first look at her, she seems innocent, but she really is not. Head is a notorious cyberbully from a game making website known as Sploder, who loves to make "hate games" about various users there, most specifically the creator of this (Claus the Mighty) Nowadays, she is less evil but she plans to hack into the creator's account because the website's moderators are "too lazy" in her opinion, and she created the Head Dictatorship. Head is the weakest character in the game.
Unten FJR Unten/Fantendo Balanced Unten is the mascot of Fantendo, and in this game he uses his classic look. He mainly attacks using his bare fists but can also use electrical attacks.
100Px-Normalmr.clubba Mr.Clubba/Fantendo Power Mr.Clubba was CtM's first Fantendo character ever (he made it on a different account), and man, this guy is just totally original. </sarcasm> This guy is literally just a Clubba with a "c" on his belly, and he seems to have a thing for murdering characters from preschool TV shows.
DonkeyKongSSB4 DK/Donkey Kong Country Power Donkey Kong, or just DK for short, is an ape who hails from DK Island, and he has to defeat several baddies like King K. Rool and the Tik Tak Tribe for...bananas? DK is one of the most powerful characters in the game, and he has a lot of strong attacks.
150px-DiddyKCR Diddy Kong/Donkey Kong Country Technical Diddy Kong is DK's sidekick, and he is always there to help him on his quests for bananas. One time, he even saved DK from King K. Rool. Diddy Kong has a lot of tricks up his sleeve in battle, like his bananas and his jetpack.
SSGallade Gallade/Pokémon Balanced Gallade is the creator of the game's favorite Pokémon. (It's not Goomy, DUN DUN DUN) Gallade mainly uses fighting and psychic moves to attack, so he has a fair amount of melee and long-range attacks.
704Goomy Goomy/Pokémon Technical Goomy is the "weakest dragon-type Pokémon", and because of that and his derpy appearance, he is worshipped by some. Goomy mainly uses Dragon, Poison, and Water-type moves in battle.
115Kangaskhan Kangaskhan/Pokémon Power Kangaskhan is a rather powerful and bulky Pokémon in terms of attack and defense, but however it does have its disadvantages, as she is rather slow and has no long-range attacks. She can also use her baby to help her.
Palutenassb4 Palutena/Kid Icarus Balanced Palutena is the Godess of Light, and the ruler of Angel Land. She uses, well the power of light to attack her foes.
SSBBRZS Starfy Starfy/The Legendary Starfy Balanced Starfy is a starfish from the Starfy series (no duh), and he is the prince of Pufftop. He has several moves based off of his abilities from his game.
Raymancrosszfsxfvxd Rayman/Rayman Balanced The limbless wonder joins the clash! Most of the moves Rayman uses come from the attacks that Rayman can use in his more recent games.
220px-MegaManSSB4 Mega Man/Mega Man Technical Mega Man has a very large moveset, with several abilities taken from the various Robot Masters that he has fought against.


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