The Uncanny Adventures of Mika Sho is an upcoming game for the Wii U and ShadowChrome 66 and is the first game in the Mika Sho series.


Mika was a girl who went to a school with the most suspicious homeroom teacher ever, Mr. Riley. One day when she was in detention, she discovered there was a strange radioactive artifact at the center of the school, and the radiation is turning the students into superhumans. Mika finds herself fighting to defend the school from Mr. Riley's evil plot to turn the students into superhuman warriors. After you defeat the final boss, which is Mr. Riley in his giant mech, a secret chapter is unlocked, where you can play the game as Lectro.

Playable Characters

Mika Sho- The main character, who must stop Mr. Riley's evil plot to turn the school into his Superhuman army.

Donald 'Duo' Skitz- Mika's best friend, only playable in co-op mode.

Lectro- completly unrelated to the plot: Unlocked after beating the game.

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