This page will list the full info on each character in The Ultimate Ed-vengers; this info includes the four attacks, their upgrades, and the basic character data.


Ed may be stupid and unhygenic, but when you put him in the monstrous Edzilla costume, he's a mindless rampaging beast capable of tearing apart buildings; ironically enough he's more of a ranged specialist, having both Chunky Puff Splatter (a beam attack) and Chicken Swarm (a minion-summoning/wave attack) as the second and third attacks, respectively.

Character Profile

  • Real Name: Eduardo
  • Alter-Ego Origin: The Day the Ed Stood Still - After putting on a homemade monster costume, Ed went on a total rampage in the Cul-De-Sac, twisting metal structures, kidnapping the children in the neighborhood, and even destroying the treehouse base; it was only until Sarah unmasked him did Ed stop his rampage.  

Attack 1: Haymaker

Attack 2: Chunky Puff Splatter

Attack 3: Chicken Swarm

Attack 4: Head Rush

(More Coming Soon)

Masked Mumbler

Character Profile

Attack 1: Plunger Shot

Attack 2: Water Bomb

Attack 3: Toilet Jetpack

Attack 4: Toilet Paper Toss

Professor Scam

Character Profile

Attack 1: Ray of Riches

Attack 2: Heads or Tails

Attack 3: Wooden Nickel Repeater

Attack 4: Airlift

Iron Scammer

Character Profile

Attack 1: Aqua Cannon

Attack 2: Spring Slam

Attack 3: Hypnotic Field

Attack 4: Chattering Teeth


Character Profile

Attack 1: Spam Storm

Attack 2: Data Nodes

Attack 3: Computer Virus

Attack 4: Firewall


Character Profile

Attack 1: Barrel Throw (Donkey Kong)

Attack 2: Hadouken (Street Fighter)

Attack 3: Tractor Beam (Galaga)

Attack 4: Ghost Shield (Pac-Man)

Captain Melonhead

Character Profile

Attack 1: Wonderwood Whiplash

Attack 2: Melon Fountain

Attack 3: Seed Shower

Attack 4: Rind Boomerang


Character Profile

Attack 1: Thornbark Fists

Attack 2: Coconut Grenades

Attack 3: Cactus Barrier

Attack 4: Living Swamp


Character Profile

Attack 1: Baseball Bat

Attack 2: Quarterback Tackle

Attack 3: Goalie's Kick

Attack 4: Sportsball Barrage


Character Profile

Attack 1: Staff Whack

Attack 2: Angry Ram

Attack 3: Brain Bludgeoning

Attack 4: Goat Stampede


Character Profile

Attack 1:

Attack 2:

Attack 3:

Attack 4:

Fast Food

Character Profile

Attack 1:

Attack 2:

Attack 3:

Attack 4:

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