Surf's Up, Dudes! Radical Twins Get the Hang of B-Ball.
newspaper header in PBJ when the Seafoam Surfers win

The Twins
Full Name The Twins
Current Age 17
Gender Male
Location Seafoam Islands
Class Basketball Coach

Carlin and Carollan, better known as The Twins, are characters from the Pokémon series. Their first (and, up till now, only) appearance was in the Game Boy game Pokémon Basketball Jam.


Carlin and Carollan are twin brothers born and raised on the Seafoam Islands. They both have long, purple hair tied in a ponytail, and always wear the same clothes.

Carlin and Carollan are two teenage self-proclaimed 'surfer dudes' who also train Pokémon and are interested in Pokémon basketball, amongst a few other sports.


Victor, father of The Twins, surfig with his Pikachu.

The father of the twins is Victor, "one of the Islands' legendary surfers", to whom the twins bear a striking resemblance. In the Pokémon anime Victor is a so-called 'one-time character', appearing in only one episode and being relatively unimportant to the series. It's interesting to note that the name Victor means champion, and both Carlin and Carollan mean little champion.

Pokémon Basketball Jam

The Twins were one of the few original characters created by Dream Up Games within the basketball game. The developers created them in reference to the two Seafoam Islands being identical in shape, as if they were twins.

Carlin and Carollan are the coaches of the Seafoamsurfers logo Seafoam Surfers.

The mascot of the team, a surfing Pikachu, is based on the Pikachu of the twins' father Victor who surfs together with him.