The Trophy Wars is a tactical game released by Phoniex Circle for the V, which uses trophies similairly to the Super Smash Bros. series, except that EVERY trophy can now be restored to normal and used as a character.


Darkness has risen. Tabuu is free again. He has made everyone into a trophie with his brand new form, but has waken the others. They however sent to other places, and find everyone to defeat Tabuu once and for all...


  1. Mario
  2. Princess Peach
  3. Toad
  4. Toadette
  5. Toadsworth
  6. Goomba
  7. Koopa Troopa
  8. Paratroopa
  9. Boo
  10. Chain Chomp
  11. Wiggler
  12. Link
  13. Princess Zelda
  14. Octorok
  15. Stalfos
  16. ReDead
  17. Kirby
  18. Meta Knight
  19. King Dedede
  20. Waddle Dee
  21. Waddle Doo
  22. Scarfies
  23. Fox McCloud
  24. Arwing
  25. Great Fox


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