Tree Of Life

The Tree Of Beginning

The Tree Of Beginning (生活の木 = Life Tree in Japan) is a large oak tree that makes it first apearance in Pikmin: The Beginning.

Brief History

The Tree Of Beginning is a place where all Pikmin are born and a place where the Pikmin Onions are made. There is a legend that goes like this "All Pikmin are born here, All Pikmin will die here, All elements combine here..." However, there was an even biger storm blowing Pikmin and there Pikmin Onions away from the tree. There is also a story told at the beginning of the game telling the player how all the Pikmin got there, "Rain sumond Lightning, Lightning sumond Fire, Fire sumond Poison, Poison sumond Wind, Wind sumond Power, Power sumond Earth, Earth sumond Rock, Rock sumond Mind, Mind sumond Ice, Ice sumond Rain... ect."

How The Pikmin Got There

It was a storm so it rained creating Blue Pikmin, then lightnining stuck the tree making Yellow Pikmin, then the lightning caused the tree to catch fire making Red Pikmin, then the gas from the fire poisond the tree making it weak and that made White Pikmin, the Wind came and blew the rest of the gas away making Pink Pikmin apeare, the tree then fell down and was pushed back up with power making Purple Pikmin, but the tree was still in danger of falling down so it's roots were re-buried making Brown Pikmin when the dug the dug up rocks making Rock Pikmin apeare, there where to many rocks because of the rock Pikmin so psychic powers where used to move the rocks making Violet Pikmin but the psychic power got to strong accidently making a blizzard which made Teal Pikmin, the ice melted makeing water and the cycle starts again.

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