The Traitor
Full Name Clortho The Traitor
Current Age 20
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Everywhere
Current Status Alive
Class Villain
Main Weapon(s) When Disguised, will use weapons what Characters use
Ability/ies To change disguises to look like any persons - Example : Luigi
Vulnerable To Being exposed, Stomps
The Traitor or known as Clortho is the human, and the master of disguise, he stoled the Clopman Diamond while in disguise, he appears in Super Mario : Raving Rabbid as a Boss


He is a person that wears a black suit and a ski mask, he can look like any persons except for his head while in disguise


He speaks French, with a spanish accent

Game AppearancesEdit

Super Mario : Raving RabbidEdit

He appears in a few several cutscenes in disguise, Someone recognized him as Master of disguise who stole the Clopman diamond so he can use it for the Costume Converter Machine to turn everyone in the entire world into costumes, After mario recognized this person in the News, he goes to Nighty Night Hills to battle him there, after being defeated by mario, he told him that he would be back, he attacks mario by copying him in disguise, everytime mario is his alter-egos (except for Jail Bird Costume), he copys mario's alter-egos, mario has to be Jail Bird Mario to beat him, he must be hit by Jail Bird Mario's chain ball, this method must be repeated 5 times to be defeated, he dosen't drop a costume but a costume called traitor costume thaat Looks simliar to mario's outfits, this allows mario to disguise himself as a enemy and copy their moves


  • The Traitor bares a resamblance to TF2 Spy where he disguises himself as someone else like the spy disguises himself as one of the class, The Traitor disguises as anyone like the spy disguises himself as any class.
  • Some peoples might think his real name is Clortho, it is true.