The Trainer of Wheelzen is the third game for the Wheelzen Pocket It was only released in Japan.


The gameplay goes through three stages.


A popopo egg is given to you from the sky. You have to raise it by doing the onscreen prompts like Shake, Press A, etc. After every 10 prompts, the day is over. Gameplay goes for 5 days.


A child Popopo with a hat hatches from the egg. You must then help it through it's life. During the day, you have to do a number of things until it ends.

  • Wake Up: Shake the Wheelzen Pocket really hard until the Popopo wakes up.
  • Food: Prepare food by pressing A at the right times so it doesn't burn. Press Start when the meal is ready.
  • Nap: Bring it water by tapping on the right icons so that you don't spill it. Then it drinks it and goes to sleep.
  • Food
  • Nap

After 5 days of this, it changes...

  • Wake Up
  • Food
  • School: This is performed just like in Nap, but instead you have to get on the bus.
  • Home: Even harder than School, this time to walk home.
  • Food
  • Study: Press the right buttons to study for class.
  • Nap

After 5 more days of this, gameplay is over for the Child stage.


Now your Popopo moves out of your house to it's own world. You have to do a number of random easy activities you can't fail on, like drag money to the mailbox to send to him/her, and such. This only lasts for 5 minutes and then you receive a picture showing how well you did overall.

  • If you did terrible, a picture is shown of your popopo on the street with a can asking for spare change.
  • If you did OK, a picture is shown of your popopo working at a fast food restauraunt
  • If you did good, a picture is shown of your popopo working at a high-tech video game company
  • If you did perfect, a picture is shown of your popopo the manager of the biggest corporation.

Then your score is saved in the highscores and the game resets.

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