The Tour is a deadly obstacle course performed by Tour Subjects in the Crane Federation Facilities. Preco's main objective is to run The Tour. The Tour's reason for being is not yet confirmed. When Preco first got the orders to perform The Tour on Tour Subjects (in Gustav in the Multiverse comic) he ran all of the facility employees through it and they all died. After realizing that all the employees were gone, Preco decided to use alive tour subjects as employees. However, since all of them had died, Preco decided to use visitors as Tour Subjects. He put the facility into lockdown until Flavio woke it up (also in the Multiverse comic) and later returned to them, and went on The Tour.

Tour Content

The only shown picture of the Tour so far was in the Multiverse comic, in which during Preco's small line after the facility is woken up, it shows a conveyor belt with boxes on it shooting lazers out of them. A (human?) skeleton and a body of Gustav's Species are seen lying on the ground in front of the conveyor belt.

In Act II of Greyed Out, Flavio will attempt the tour.

Tour Subjects so far

  • Every single Facility employee from both facilities ran the tour. Every single one of them failed (As seen in the Gustav in the Multiverse comic)
    • Due to a dead member of Gustav's species being seen in the picture of The Tour in the Multiverse comic, it's possible that one or more of the employees were a member of that species.
  • Flavio Untog (As seen in Greyed Out)

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