The TouHou Maze is a platformer game for the Wii and Wii U.


Flandre Scarlet is the main hero of the game, controlled by player one.

Player two plays as Flandre's older sister, though I might not know her first name.


Route Arc-en-ciel is the first level. It takes place in plains, forests and a castle.

Caverne de Choux is the second level. It involves deserts, ruins and a space station.

Ocean Olive is the third level. It involves a beach, lakes and waterfalls.

Ruins Radis is the fourth level. It involves volcanoes, mountains and a jungle.

Palais Methane is the fifth level. It involves snowy fields, factories and the sky.

Etoilles Bonbon is the final level. It involves fields, cities and space.

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