The Torn World Episode 1: The Legenday Four Is a Game For The Wii U


These Are The Worlds In The Torn World Episode 1


Mario's House*

Kirby's House**

DK's House***

Sonic's House****

World 1

Grass World*

Cookie Country**


Green Hill Zone****

World 2

Raisin Ruins*


Chemical Plant***

Ice World****

World 3


Speed Highway**

Beach World***

White Wafers****

World 4

Crisis City*

Pipe World**

Onion Ocean***


Episode Boss

V.S Bowser*

V.S Dark Meta Knight**

V.S King K.Rool***

V.S Eggman****

  • Mario's Stages
    • Kirby's Stages
      • DK's Stages
        • Sonic's Stages

Playable Characters

Character Powers How To Unlock
Mario Is A Basic Character Avalible From Start
Kirby Can Inhale Certain Enemies Beat World 2 With Mario
DK Can Ground Pound Stronger Beat World 3 With Mario
Sonic Is Speedier Beat World 4 With Mario

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