The following is a special episode of Fandemonium created by 1337doom (tbc) to fix up some plot holes regarding the timeline of The Three Dark Ones.

Two souls floated into a white fluffy cloud.
Dark Viper: Where are we...?
Dark Rage: This isn't an afterlife.
For miles around, Dark Viper and Dark Rage could see a blank landscape. Nobody else was here.
Dark Viper: We have to get back to Earth...
Dark Rage: Where is Dark Question? Did he survive?
Dark Viper: I don't know... he isn't with us...

Dark Question: I didn't die. We didn't die. I'M RIGHT HERE!
Dark Viper and Dark Rage didn't hear Dark Question. They talked and talked, but Dark Question couldn't communicate with them.
Dark Question thought about his surroundings. It was red. And dark. And frightening.

Dark Viper: Hey... Rage?
Dark Rage: Yeah?
Dark Viper: I don't want to work for the producers anymore.
Dark Rage: Why is that?
Dark Viper: I thought we could make the world better. Glenn thought we could make the world better. We died. We DIED, Rage!
Dark Rage: I know.
Dark Viper: I don't want people to think of us as members of an evil group.
Dark Rage: We were going to open the portal but...
Dark Viper: All those other universes could've been effected by the shockwave too. In theory, we could've demolished the entire multiverse.
Dark Rage: We need to find Dark Question and get out of here. From now on we work alone.

Dark Question: ARGH! You idiots! WHO CARES ABOUT THE OTHER UNIVERSES! We need to achieve our goal... How can I communicate with you guys? The only thing I can think of is to concentrate my powers...
Dark Question focuses his powers and creates a rift around Dark Viper and Dark Rage. The red world and the cloud world blended together and created a pocket universe.
Dark Question: YOU GUYS! I'M RIGHT HERE!
Dark Rage: Question! Stop yelling, you sound like me...
Dark Viper: QUESTION! Yo! We were just talking about-
Dark Question: I know. And I think your insane.
Dark Viper: Question, we decided we would have no disagreements when we become The Three Dark Ones.
Dark Question: Hm. Well, whatever we do, we need to get into the human world again.
Dark Viper: Yeah. I think the only way to head is down.
The three empty souls of old masters of mysterious powers floated down to Earth...

Dark Rage: It appears we can project our consciousness into real Dark Ones.
Dark Question: We have to use this power to keep universes in check. What is that building over there...?
Light Frustration, Light Query, and Light Cobra drifted towards the tower of The Eternal Council of the New Order. Despite what they may call themselves, despite the trouble they may seem to make, despite their dealings with producers, in the future, it would be for the good of time and space.

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