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The Three Legendary Frogs is a Wii u and Nintendo 2DS game it features the adventure of 3 skilledful frogs.


Blue ninja 2
John- John is a blue-skilled frog his is the main leader of the group  he has the ability to freeze his enemies

FF Distortion
Furious Frog- Furious Frog is a purple-skilled frog he has the ability to change time he also has the ability to teleport

Images (222)
Tamera- Tamera is a purple-skiled frog she has kung-fu skills she knows how to overcome his enemies by being smarter than the enemie


Level 1-Welcome to tokyo city

Level 2-Pena Beach

Level 3-The Unspoken Woods

Level 4-Death vally


Boss 1-Renardo

Boss 2-Big D

Boss 3-Renardo (x2)

Final Boss-Dark Devel Frog

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