The Three Hiders hence the name, are 3 hiders that look like Hiders

The Three Hiders

Three Hiders

except they have different colors, They appear as bosses in Mario's Awakening as their first appearance, they make their playable appearance in Mario Kart 2 U


They have the appearance of three Hiders except they have different colors

Bob has light green color, Joe has orange colors, and Hay has purple colors

and they appear to be a little huger than Hiders.

Mario's Awakening

They appear as bosses in Toyland, They hide in the jack-in-the-boxes, after jumping on the jack-in-the-boxes their hiding in, the battle begins as they would attack Mario by throwing Jack cards at him, to hit them, a box full of candy will drop from the sky, Mario must pick the box up and throw it at each Hiders, they will fall on the floor dizzy, Mario must jump on each hider as when hit, they will attack him by throwing bombs, this process can be repeated 2 times, after doing that so, 3 of them falls down, dizzy as Mario gets the Dream Box piece

Mario Kart 2 U

The Three Hiders appear as Unlockable Driver, they appear to drive together, making the Weight : Medium, to unlock them, Beat Special Cup 100cc, they have good handling, good acceleration, but bad Drift, their Favorite item is : Banana Peel


  • The Three Hiders are the colors of food as Joe has the fruit color : Orange, Hay has : Purple grape color, and Bob has Green grape color
  • In the beta, they were hiding in box full of toys instead of jack-in-the-boxes, in the final, they are hiding in the jack-in-the-boxes instead, and Bob and Hay's colors has been swapped in the Beta
  • The Three Hiders share their Boss Healths like an example : when Hay is hit, the Boss Health goes down
  • Like the Eds from Cartoon Network : Speedway, they drive together but has medium weight

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