The Three Dark Ones
Full Name Dark Question, Dark Rage and Dark Viper
Current Age  ???
Gender Male
Species Human(?)
Evil, Fandemonium Producers
Family and Relations
They are all related to eachother
Main Weapon(s)  ???
 ??? 1 ??? 2 and ??? 3, Fandemonium Producers, No-Brains Loud-Mouth and Idiot-Snake (called by several sarcastic members of the cast)
First Appearance Fanon Vacation

The Three Dark Ones are characters in the Fandemonium saga. They are high-ranking members of the Fandemonium Producers. They first appear in Fanon Vacation, but are scheduled to appear in Fanon Trapped. They appear in Fandemonium.


  • Dark Question always talks in questions, Dark Rage always yells and Dark Viper holds his S-sounds for a long time.

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