"The Threat's Beorn"
Season 2, episode 6
Airdate:  ???
Director: Exotoro
Story: Exotoro
Written &
storyboarded by:
"The Bat"
"Squav (Fantendo Now)"

The Threat's Beorn is the seventh episode in the second season of Fantendo Now. It is the twenty-one episode overall.


Unten and Sakeena go to an alien forest planet, where they find another Beorn. Although they become friends quickly, things go very sour when they find out they're on opposing forces.


Written by Exotoro

Unten, Sakeena, and PalmMan are sitting in the mess hall. Rachel and Strafe sit down with the three. The five sit in silence before Unten speaks up.

Unten: Where's Leah?
Rachel: She and X-Ray had some errand or something to attend to.
Sakeena: Maybe this just is me, but does it bother anyone else that we don't know X-Ray's real name?
Unten: Nah.
Rachel: Never really thought about it myself.
Strafe: I thought X-Ray was her name. Are you guys telling me it's not?
Sakeena: Okay, who the hell names their kid “X-Ray”?
Strafe: My aunt named her son “Silence”.
Unten: Well… she's kind of messed up in the head a little, if you know what I'm getting at.
Rachel: Well, no argument there.
Sakeena: Say… I just remembered this but The Fan and The Enemy wanted to see you about something.
Rachel: Me?
Sakeena: Nah, it's Unten.
Unten: Why is it always me?

Sakeena shrugs.

Sakeena: I dunno.
Unten: Fine, whatever.

Unten and Sakeena head to The Fan and The Enemy's office.

Unten: Alright, what's this about?
The Fan: Nothing much. Just a small mission that probably won't even take that much time to complete.
Unten: And…?
The Enemy: Well, it's a forest planet. Lotta trees, lotta resources for The Threat. So naturally she sent someone out there but… well… it's a Beorn.
Unten: Excuse me?
The Fan: We can in fact, conclude that it is a Beorn. Red one, identifies as gender neutral, works under The Threat.
Sakeena: That's… pretty big news, right?
Unten: I mean, shit, I guess so. What do you want me to do?
The Enemy: Talk to the Beorn, convince it out; do whatever you can, I suppose.
Unten: Well, alright then. Do you want us to go now or?
The Fan: That would be recommended, yes.

Sakeena and Unten enter through the portal onto the forest planet. Sakeena jots down a bunch of notes down.

Unten: What do you write about?
Sakeena: I'm just getting notes down for my next project. You know, getting the feel for the place, getting some descriptions and words to use later.
Unten: Um… well… do you take writing requests?
Sakeena: Hm?
Unten: I dunno… I mean, you don't have to write it but I mean…
Sakeena: Well, I'm pretty backed up right now on ideas I wanna write but you can throw me your idea and if it's good enough I'll write it.
Unten: Really?
Sakeena: Yeah, why not? You're my friend, I'll write something for you.
Unten: Well… do you think you could write a Unten x Rachel fic?
Sakeena: Come on, don't self-insert yourself into this. I don't do that.
Unten: But you write… fanfiction based off your friends, right?
Sakeena: Well, only because they didn't ask me like a tool to add them in.
Unten: So are you saying that now I've asked that, you're not gonna write any Unten x Rachel fics.
Sakeena: Probably not. It's not even that good of a ship, to be honest… wouldn't it be kind of weird?

Unten quietly mutters to himself as suddenly the sound of wood comes down.

Sakeena: Yo… think we found the Threat's Beorn.
Unten: We gotta be quiet.

The two lay low on the grass as they spot a Beorn in a wooden mecha collect some of the fallen wood. It notices them almost instantly.

Beorn: Hey!
Sakeena: (whispering) They must be talking to someone else.
Beorn: Who are you guys? The blue one especially.
Unten: Hi. Name's Unten, this is Sakeena.
Sakeena: Hi!
Beorn: Well hey there. Name's Forrester.
Unten: Forrester. Alright, a little on the nose there.
Sakeena: (uncontrollably laughs)
Unten: What?
Sakeena: You don't have a nose.
Unten: Ha-?

Forrester shrugs.

Forrester: Well, I gotta ship these off to The Threat. You guys wanna grab a couple logs so I don't have to make a repeat trip.
Unten: S-sure.
Forrester: Thanks.
Sakeena: So… what's your story, Forrester?
Forrester: My life story?
Sakeena: Yeah, why not?
Forrester: Well, there was that whole “Zeon” explosion thing. Come to think of it, Unten, you seem to remind me of that, and that's not just because you're a Beorn.
Unten: (nervously) Haha, really?
Forrester: Yeah… I dunno, I kind of lived under a rock for that kind of stuff, kind of a miracle I got out of there alive.
Unten: What happened next?
Forrester: Drifted off for while before crashing into a planet that The Threat owned. She seemed VERY interested in me, told me she could put me to work right away.
Unten: So… do you have any suspicions about her?
Sakeena: Yeah, if someone gave me a job shortly after I met them, I would be very suspicious.
Unten: Sakeena… that's kind of how jobs work.
Forrester: Well… nothing really suspicious about her. She told me a lot about some Fan and Enemy that took over her universe and she intends to take it back but… I'm not too concerned. I mean, when would they send anyone over to where I worked? I'm just some person, doing my job on my lonesome out here…
Unten: Do… you know any other Beorns?
Forrester: Eh, I dunno where they all went. I'm sure there's a lot of there.
Unten: Yeah… I guess so.
Forrester: Oh hey, we're almost there.

Unten and Sakeena look ahead to see some kind of glass pipe that leads down to the planet core.

Forrester: Just dump it all down there.

Unten and Sakeena drop the logs down the glass pipe.

Sakeena: Where does it go?
Forrester: Haha, I dunno!
Unten: Do you ever… think about what you're doing?
Forrester: Nah… just do the job and don't worry about it. You need work in your life to make it meaningful, you know?
Unten: Forrester… what would you think about if I told you that I'm pretty sure we're the last known Beorns in this universe?
Forrester: Well, that can't be right.
Unten: I mean… I've been looking for a long time, there probably aren't.
Sakeena: Hey, hey, let's not be a downer here.
Unten: No, I need to let them know!
Forrester: ...where did you two come from?
Unten: Uh…

Forrester grabs Sakeena's notebook. They look through it.

Sakeena: Hey, give that back!
Forrester: Thought it was too good to be true.
Unten: What…?
Forrester: You two come from Boltzmann, don't you?
Unten: What would make you say that?
Forrester: Just look.

Forrester shows Unten Sakeena's notebook. He flips through a bunch of notes about Strafe's abs before finding Sakeena's Boltzmann schedule.

Sakeena: Look, we weren't planning any harm, we just wanted to talk to you about maybe…
Forrester: About what? How Unten destroyed Zeon in the name of The Fan and The Enemy? How Boltzmann is just full of thieving crooks, fighting for what they stole? I just remembered why Unten stuck out to me so much, you betrayed your race, didn't you?
Unten: What?
Forrester: I remembered what The Threat told me about you. You were just here to finish the job, weren't you? Kill all the Beorns. Why do you hate your race so much?
Unten: I don't… hate my race…
Forrester: Explain to me why The Threat told me so.
Unten: She LIED to you. Look, she's evil, she's not a good guy! She probably wants you for your descension powers.
Forrester: Unten, I wish I could trust you, but you're not looking so great now. You already lied to me about your intentions once and we just met.
Unten: Forrester, please!

Forrester knocks Unten to the ground. Sakeena attempts to get him back up and attempts to bend Forrester's mecha.

Forrester: Are you trying to bend… metal?
Sakeena: Yeah.
Forrester: You idiot, this is made of wood.
Sakeena: Oh.

Forrester attempts to attack Sakeena but is shot with lightning by Unten. The mecha suit catches fire.

Unten: I'm so sorry.
Forrester: For what?
Unten: For everything man! This has just been a giant mistake from the beginning and I should have never come here, try and convince you to switch sides, never should have even come to Earth. I should have have tried to sacrifice myself for Zeon. It kills me inside every single day that I didn't do that.

Unten starts breaking down and crying.

Sakeena: Unten…
Forrester: Well…

Forrester raises their mecha fist up.

Forrester: You didn't.

Forrester attempts to attack Unten but the Mecha suit's legs break, causing Forrester to fall down the glass tube. Unten opens his eyes to see that Forrester is gone.

Sakeena: It's okay.
Unten: No it's not! Why am I such a failure?
Sakeena: Unten, you are not a failure! You were never going to convince them to join you, nobody could. You didn't kill Zeon, Doomulus did. And you know what? You're a good friend and you've stopped many of The Threat's plans while you did that. Look, I don't know anyone BETTER than you. You inspire me to write, you inspire me to be who I am. And I don't know ANYONE better than that. You have your issues but I cannot seriously imagine anyone else taking on the world every day and doing it with such grace.

Unten breathes slowly.

Unten: ...thanks.
Sakeena: I mean it too.

Unten and Sakeena hug.

Unten sits in his room, watching space out of his window. Sakeena creeps in the door.

Sakeena: Hey. You feeling better?
Unten: Yeah, I'm… fine. What's up?
Sakeena: I made you that Unten x Rachel fic you wanted.
Unten: You didn't have to do that.
Sakeena: Well, I thought about it more and I just… I see it now.

Sakeena passes Unten a laptop.

Sakeena: Be sure to leave me a review, okay?

Unten smiles as he starts reading.

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