So begins the war.
The Threat, Days of Shattering

The Threat





The threat

The Tenacious Threat, the true ruler of the New Fantendoverse.
Full Name The Tenacious Threat
Current Age Unknown (Infinite)
Gender Female
Location Svarga
Current Status Alive
Class God
Family and Relations
The Enemy (enemy)

The Fan (enemy)
Unten (enemy)
Six (commander of)
Eight (commander of)
Avirl (commander of)
Querius (commander of)
Feint (commander of, ex)
The Threat's Heart (heart)
Volt ("friendly foe")

Main Weapon(s) Power Chaotic, Her Servants

The Threat (Real name being Vindozz and occasionally referred to as Vindi) is the real ruler of the New Fantendoverse, her subjects, and the creator of Svarga. Unlike The Fan and The Enemy, she is associated against both as the believes they have committed theft of her universe. She has her own personal army, with the top ten being the ones she "trusts" the most.


The Threat is designed similar to The Fan and The Enemy, but with a reddish grey skin tone and given four yellow eyes, often with periorbital dark circles around them. On occasion she has been seen wearing a helmet with eye covers and horns, the number of horns often varying. Notably, The Threat never wears shoes. She has three claw like fingers. She also has black hair, often messy due to the stress of the cosmic war between the Fantendoverse and Svarga.


Somewhat cold and manipulative, The Threat adapts to whatever situtation is thrown at her, creating small armies of powerful warriors as opposed to large and weak armies of mooks. She still has those around, but they run things in the background. She does not consider herself a villain and sees her actions as taking back her universe. She is considered extremely creative and able to come up with ideas very quickly. She sees her mooks as either disposable or essential with no in between.


Vindozz is a deity similar to The Fan and The Enemy and it is unknown where she came from previously, although before The Fan and The Enemy built over what they had assumed was a empty universe, with nothing but a "temple". This temple turned out to be the Threat's home which was named Svarga.

She is currently at war with the two brother deities, sending Six to map out/destroy Earth. She is inadvertently the reason Boltzmann University exists.

It is implied that The Threat lived alone with her creations in Svarga before The Fan and the Enemy showed up and most of her creations were not meant to be war machines. She had converted some of them into fighters and created The Top 10 as a response to the invaders.


Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered

She appears at the very end as a mysterious deity, her name being revealed shortly after along with her motives.

Dark Woods III: The Plague Returns

Is mentioned in the backstory of the game.

Fantendo - Genesis

Fantendo - Hivemind Halloween


Fantendo - Hivemind Holiday


Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory


The Fan

Isn't happy with him and his brother, if we're going to be honest. She has accused them of stealing her universe and has refused to agree with sharing it, claiming that they had already destroyed their own universe once. She has also noticed that the Fan and the Enemy focused most of their energy on Earth and intends to destroy it to send them a message.

The Enemy

The Threat is notably more hostile with The Enemy than his brother, as his purpose is to destroy and create chaos. The Threat intended to attack Skærsilden after destroying Earth to further get across her message but after that failed it has been put on hold.




Has a somewhat complicated relationship with Volt. Initially, The Threat hated him as much as the rest of Unten's friends and intended to use him as a hivemind plant in Fantendo - Hivemind Halloween. During the process, Volt was able to communicate with The Threat and the two discussed their viewpoints of the war. During this, The Threat flirted with Volt. These feelings seem to be genuine, even as Volt manages to fight off the disease and the communication with the two are lost. The Threat tells Mistress Nell that Volt is a "friendly foe" and orders him not to be killed.

Mistress Nell





It is clear that The Threat does not think highly of Vaxxon. While his left head is oblivious to this, his right head openly resents The Threat.


  • The Threat is the first major deity to appear in the Fantendoverse.
  • She will be the villain of the first major arc of the New Fantendoverse.
  • The Threat's color code is purple, where as The Fan and The Enemy have blue and red.
  • She apparently finds the human male utterly reprehensible in terms of looks.


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