The Terror Squad
TV Series The Shock Block
Season Number 1
Episode Number 1
Airing Date(s)
29th May, 2000
Runtime 14 minutes
Following Episode Blood Roots

The Terror Squad is the pilot episode of the television series The Shock Block. It was aired on 29th May, 2000. This episode introduces us to the six main characters and some of the recurring characters.


The episode begins with Charlie barging into a room with Chan in it. Charlie explains to Chan that she has an awful day at school. She looks very tired, but with a smile on her face. She pins Chan to a wall and tries to kiss him. Charlie and Chan are, however, interrupted by an alarm. They spot a man robbing a bank. The two go outside to see what is going on and follow behind the man who robbed the bank.

Meanwhile, Fyp is seen going up to Kylie. Fyp has a teddy with him, however, it gets stolen by by the same man who robbed the bank. Fyp threatens the man, then gets Kylie to help him chase him, but he gets away.

Eventually, the two bump into Charlie and Chan. Charlie then comes up with an idea that they will "get" the man. Chan phones up Tinashe and Kylie brings Roary over. Charlie then says she knows the man, and that she does not his real name, but she calls him The Joker.

Charlie gathers the group over to The Joker's house. She orders Fyp to put an elastoc band trap next to his door, Tinashe to dig a deep hole and Kylie to push the door bell and ran away.

They end up catching The Joker and Fyp ends up calling the police. The cheif police officer, Pat (who Charlie refers to as "Fat Pat") says that The Joker will be locked up safe and sound for a while, after robbing that bank. The police, however, fail to find most of the money. Chan and Fyp, however, find two small gold bars underneath the doorstep.

Fyp also recovers his teddy when he sneaks inside The Joker's house.


The show was announced in October 1999 and screenshots were leaked in December that year. The show opened with 2 million viewers. The episode received mixed reviews, being critised for being "unpolished" and bad compared to the later episodes.