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The Temple of Void

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Developer(s) Illusion Works
Publisher(s) Illusion Works
Platform(s) Pacifico
Release Date(s)
Flag of the United States November 21, 2018
Flag of European Union November 21, 2018
25px-Flag of Japan2 November 21, 2018
Flag of Australia November 21, 2018
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Adventure
Series Temple series.
Predecessor The Temple of Dreams
Successor To be announced.
Media Included Pacifico Game Disc
The Temple of Void is an open-world 3D adventure and role-playing game developed and published solely by Illusion Works for the Pacifico platform, set for release worldwide on November 21, 2018. The Temple of Void is a direct sequel to The Temple of Dreams and carries over several elements from that game with vast improvements to make the game more enjoyable. It follows the tale of several heroes as they try to save the universe from evil once again while trying to understand who the real enemy in the universe is.


The Temple of Void follows the story of a new set of fighters, ranging from good characters to evil characters, in the universe which started in the previous entry in the series. You play as different characters as the story progresses, and you get to see life through all of their eyes.

Following The Temple of Dreams being opened in the previous installment, it is the job of bounty hunters Lycia Storm and Draegen to put a stop to the Temple's reaction. They have to go on a journey and find the seal which will finally put an end to the Temple's game, before the ruler of the underworld manages to resurrect from their slumber, and wreck havoc on the planet. 




Character Creation

Equipping + Mixing

Equipping has been improved and now also includes a mixing feature. Now when you enter the Equipping menu on the game, you have the ability to assign backup items to your character in the case that your first weapons get destroyed or become ineffective. This can be especially useful when it comes to elements, as some weapons are more effective over others based on the element of the opposing character. 

The Mixing feature has also been added to The Temple of Void. With Mixing, you can mix different items together to create new ones. This opens up a lot more opportunities with the creativity of your characters, for example, they could have a sword that is wrapped in barbed wire, or have poisoned arrows that can be shot with a bow. In special cases, you can also mix together two weapons such as swords, so your character can have dual swords to use in combat.


Elements have been added to the game. Elements are aligned to each character, and based on that element they will receive extra benefits or drawbacks in battle depending on which element their foe has. 


Game Modes

Story Mode



Character Biography Signature Move
Blur is a mysterious ninja who is very skilled and cunning when it comes to coming up with plans. He comes from a background of ninjas all through his family and was taught from a young age the fine arts of this mastery. His parents were very determined to make sure they pass on their legacy to him, as people who are ninjas don't usually live to an old age (and usually die in their 20s).  Ninja Ascent
Adair is a manipulator of sound waves and voice. He can mimic any noise he hears with ease, which makes it easy for him if he needs to lure anyone that he needs for his upcoming plans. He can also manipulate normal noises, for example, he can make a bird's tweet sound like a lion's roar. This is a trait that his best friend knew inside and out, but since their death, he decided to dedicate his life to learning how to master their special power, as a living memory of his best friend's life. Sound-proof
Crescent is known as the eternity being, she has lived for thousands of years and has never changed appearance since the beginning of time. This is because she is able to control the moon, therefore she has managed to keep the moon in a stand-still which has prevented time from passing. She can use the moon at her own command, which can be a problem as it will make sealing The Temple of Dreams a much harder task than it needs to be. Moon Dust
Graham was subject to a harsh childhood in the past, both of his parents passed away before he was even four years old, and he was told to fend for himself from then on, which is hard at such a young age. After crawling through the streets for years, he turned to magic and wizardy as a hobby to dig him out of the hole. However soon after, he started to discover dark magic, and took that road instead. He managed to become one of the devil's leaders of the underworld army soon afterwards. Bone Breaker
Person 5


Character Biography Signature Move
Lucie was once a carefree and sweet girl who was adored by everybody for her positive attitude and ethic, however as disaster after disaster slowly whittled her down, she became a more tortured and pained individual. It was then believed that some spirit took over her body and began to change her personality to be more devilish and sinister, eventually giving her the feared title of Reaper of Souls. She is able to use these powers by the devil to aid her in combat such as using extra limbs from the souls she owns. Devil's Delight
Sovereign is a natural born leader lacking in only one trait...working with a team. Sovereign is a really strong leader and is respected for it, however, she has been known to make decisions in the past which have ultimately cost the lives of some of her teammates, even though they have the intended outcome in the end. This impulsive nature has always been a problem of hers, but will she be able to recover and get over this nasty habit before it costs another life of one of those she cares about? Silver Scythe


Character Biography Signature Move
Valoricura is one of the bosses in the game. She is the primary source of underworld energy that Lycia and Draegen need to unleash the divine arrow. She is one of the final bosses in the game and she has one of the highest health point stats in the game due to her energy being fed from those in the underworld. Her design is derived from the skins of her foes which she has defeated, tortured, and eventually murdered. Silk Strangle





  • The Temple of Void was originally titled "The Temple of Dreams II: Violet's Vendetta" but this was later changed to "The Temple of Dreams II" and then changed again to "The Temple of Void".

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