The Temple of Paradise
The Temple of Paradise is a 2017 television series on Netflix directed by Illusion Works, to also be released on the Aquarius system. It focuses on a group of teenagers as they become involved in a twisted mystery which spawns centuries.



Episode Guide

No. (series) No. (season) Title Air Date
1 1 Strange Things January 02, 2017
While helping his mother with her daily duties, Aloe notices the sky is looking darker and gloomier than usual. Lightning bolts begin to shoot out of the sky, and in a panic Aloe's mother rushes him inside their small house. She goes back outside to try and calm the storm, to no avail, leading to a lightning bolt landing right on her, killing her instantly. Aloe rushes outside at the sight, but is kept away by more lightning bolts shooting out. At the same time, five peculiar pillars begin to grow out of the ground in five different locations all over the place. 
2 2
3 3
4 4
5 5
6 6
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Reception so far has been neutral.


To be added.


  • The Temple of Paradise is slightly linked to another title, called Shrines, which has been advertised as 'The Temple of Dreams' more directed older brother', in the sense that the game is more professionally made, featuring a larger cast of characters and a more interesting story.
  • The Temple of Paradise exists to rewrite The Temple of Dreams into the Ziama Prime canon. 
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