Part One: O'Chunks' Tale

Prologue: The Failure

General O'Chunks stood at the top of the hill, watching his men fight the Koopa Troop. "General Chunks, sir!" said one of his soldiers, out of breath. "We have been betrayed!" "What, laddie?!" Said O'Chunks as he spun around. "Betrayed? But by whom?" "No idea, sir. But they knew our plan, they're massacreing us." "Och..." said O'chunks. He was ashamed... he had failed.

Chapter One: The Invitation

O'Chunks had lost. His army was dead. The king was sure to arrest him for his failure, so he fled. He'd juat barely had time to get in the back of a traveling circus van. "Who're you?" said a voice. It was the clown, Oitnemid. "O'chunk..." said O'Chunks. "What're you doing here?" Oitnemid said. "A new recruit, aye," said O'Chunks. "You know," said Oitnemid. "My boss pays better." "Your boss?" said O'Chunks. "Och, but yer working for the circus owner!" "No," said Oitnemid. "I'm here scouting for people to work for my boss. You look like you'd be great." As the traveling van stopped, Oitnemid got out. "Think about it," he said. It was only then that O'Chunks realized that Oinemid backwards was Dimentio.

Chapter Two: The Chaos Heart

O'Chunks accepted Dimentio's offer. Within days he found himself at the ide of Dimentio's master, Count Bleck. Currently the Count was yapping about his scheme to destroy the world to a giant turtle and some princess. The hypnotist, Nastasia, was busy trying to make the princess say something. O'Chunks was thinking how crazy this was when a huge, shadowy heart appeared. He nearly fell out of his chair. The huge, black void grew bigger and bigger...

Chapter Three: The Task

Count Bleck turned and fled, taking Nastasia and O'Chunks with him. "O'Chunks!" he said. "Count Bleck wants you to hunt down Mario!" "Aye, sir!"said O'Chunks.

Chapter Four: The Death

O'Chunks faced Mario four times. Each time, he was defeated. The final time, he was determined to succeed. But as he and Mario fought, the ceiling began to come down. O'Chunks knew he was beat, one was or another. He held up the ceiling, allowing Mario to escape. I couldn't have killed him anyway, he thought as the ceiling collapsed, burying him under 500 tons of rubble...


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