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The Tales X
The Tales X Logo
Developer(s) Namco Tales Studio
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Single player, multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
ESRB: Ages 13 and over

CERO: Ages 15 and over
PEGI: 12+
USK: 12+

Genre(s) Action RPG
Series The Tales Series
The Tales X is a crossover and Tacticial game for some of the The Tales Characters, From Tales of Phantasia to Tales of the Abyss. It is based on the story of the tales except its now Tacticial.


Tales of Phantasia I & II

  • Cress Albane - The protagonist of Tales of Phantasia, in Tales of Phantasia II: The 17 years, he is the father of Prisya Albane.
  • Mint Adenade - One of the protagonists of Tales in Phantasia, in Tales of Phantasia II: The 17 years, she is the wife of Cress Albane and mother of Prisya Albane
  • Chester Burklight - One of the protagonists in Tales in Phantasia, Cress' best friend and a Hunter.
  • Claus F. Lester - One of the protagonists in Tales in Phantasia, A 29-year-old professor whose studies into magic have earned him fame for being a human, and thus unable to use it naturally.
  • Arche Klein - One of the protagonists of Tales in Phantasia, A 17-year-old half-elf, Arche has the ability to use magic and is a powerful magic user in her own right, though due to her half-blood status she is an outcast to the elves.
  • Suzu Fujibayashi - An optional protagonist in Tales in Phantasia, Though young, she has been trained in the way of the ninja her entire life, and is next in line to be chief.
  • Prisya Albane - The protagonist of Tales of Phantasia II: The 17 Years, she is Cress and Mint's 17-year old daughter, who trained in the South Forest in hope of following in her father's footsteps.
  • Mysterious Girl - One of the Antagonists in ales of Phantasia II: The 17 Years, The Mysterious Girl is the game's primary antagonist who is determined to kill Cress. She bears a striking resemblance to Mint, although with orange hair instead of blonde.
  • Kaimi Klein - One of the protagonists in Tales of Phantasia: The 17 Years, Arche's Unknown Sister in the First Tales of Phantasia, She is more powerful than Arche.
  • The Creator - The Antagonist in Tales of Phantasia II: The 17 Years, The Creator of the World.

Tales of Destiny 1 & 2

  • Stahn Aileron (スタン・エルロン Sutan Eruron?, "Stan Aileron") - A young 19-year-old adventurer who grows into a powerful sword-based physical fighter, Stahn is the protagonist of Tales of Destiny. Not known for his intelligence or his cultured background, his fire-elemental Swordian is Dymlos.
  • Rutee Katrea (ルーティ・カトレット Ruuti Katoretto?, "Rutee Kartret") - Armed with Atwight, the Swordian of Water, 18-year-old Rutee is a headstrong Lens hunter who travels the world looking to make a profit with her partner, Mary. She has a bad reputation in the Kingdom of Seinegald because of her money-hungry ways, but she does not let it bother her.
  • Leon Magnus (リオン・マグナス Rion Magunasu?, "Lion Magnus") - Leon is a master swordsman of Seinegald - at age 16 the youngest in history to serve the kingdom, and a close associate of Hugo Gilchrist, the president of the powerful Oberon Corporation. A complex and slightly brooding character, Leon's agile Swordian is Chaltier.
  • Philia Felice (フィリア・フィリス Firia Firisu?, "Philia Philis") - A 19-year-old priestess at Straylize Temple studying the A'ether Wars period, Philia is isolated from the outside world until the events of the game. She has a sweet, charming personality and is very dependable, but she can also be overly fastidious. Her powerful spell casting ability is augmented by her Swordian, Clemente, but her physical attacks are weak.
  • Garr Kelvin (ウッドロウ・ケルヴィン Uddoroo Keruvin?, "Woodrow Kelvin") - The 23-year-old Prince of Phandaria, Garr is a skilled archer as well as a swordsman; Igtenos is his wind-elemental Swordian.
  • Mary Argent (マリー・エージェント Marii Eejento?, "Mary Agent") - Suffering from amnesia, 24-year-old Mary is not aware of her last name due to an unknown event in her past. Mary has no Swordian, but can use swords and axes as a strong physical attacker. Rutee uses Mary for her own financial gain.
  • Chelsea Torn (チェルシー・トーン Cherushii Toon?, "Chelsea Tone") - The 14-year-old granddaughter of Garr's archery master, Alba. Even though she appears cute and innocent, Chelsea is an archer skilled beyond her mere 14 years of age. She is a good long-range attacker with her bow, but not a Swordian user.
  • Bruiser Khang (マイティ・コングマン Maiti Konguman?, "Mighty Kongman") - A 39-year-old powerful fighter from the battle arena, Bruiser is an optional character. However, he forcibly joins Stahn's group in the PlayStation 2 remake. Using his fists as a weapon, he is the undefeated champion of the world when it comes to battling in the arena; no Swordian.
  • Karyl Sheeden (ジョニー・シデン Jonii Shiden?, "Johnny Shiden") - An estranged 26-year-old son of an aristocratic family, Karyl is a bard by trade. He may seem fragile from outward appearances, but he can provide useful support in the party through songs played on his lute.
  • Lilith Aileron (リリス・エルロン Ririsu Eruron?) - Stahn's 17-year-old sister, who is very concerned about him and wishes he would not go on such dangerous adventures, was a dummied character available only through use of a Game Shark or similar device in the original version of the game. In later remakes, however, she becomes an optional playable character.
  • Kyle Dunamis (カイル・デュナミス Kairu Dyunamisu?) - The main character of the game, Kyle is very much like his father, Stahn Aileron. However, Kyle remembers little of his father, as he claims that the famous hero left on a journey when Kyle was very young. His mother, Rutee Katrea runs the Dunamis Orphanage based in the town of Cresta, so the other children there are akin to family. Kyle has absolute faith that he will become a hero someday due to the heroic bloodline of his parents.
  • Reala (リアラ Riara?) - A girl who suddenly appears from within a gigantic lens found in the Laguna Ruins; Reala has an ethereal quality about her, and is generally cheerful and inquisitive, but she is surrounded by mystery. She says that she is looking for a hero that her pendant will react on; as such Kyle chases after her in hope to become the hero she seeks.
  • Loni Dunamis (ロニ・デュナミス Roni Dyunamisu?) - Loni was raised in the Dunamis Orphanage, but left to join the Order of Atamoni; he is like an older brother to Kyle. Thanks to his rather frivolous manner, he gives the impression of being irresponsible, but in fact, Loni is resourceful and has a strong sense of justice.
  • Judas (ジューダス Juudasu?) - A masked swordsman who helps Kyle out of difficult situations, Judas is slight in stature but has a commanding presence. The name "Judas" was assigned to him by Kyle during their first encounter in Darillshade Prison, where Judas enables their escape. For unknown reasons, Judas wishes to protect Kyle.
  • Nanaly Fletch (ナナリー・フレッチ Nanarii Furetchi?, Nanaly Fletcher) - Takes pride in her skill with bows, which puts most men to shame; Nanaly is also adept with magic, wielding spells overshadowed only by Reala and Harold. Outwardly stout-hearted and self-assured, Nanaly often seems tomboyish, but she is also deeply empathetic and, in fact, very refined. She cares for orphaned children in her home of Hope Town.
  • Harold Belserius (ハロルド・ベルセリオス Harorudo Beruseriosu?, Harold Berselius) - Harold is the creator of the Swordians, and because of her name and accomplishments, she is often believed to be a man, though this does not bother her in the least. The classic eccentric genius, Harold thinks of everything in terms of her research, and is all but helpless in non-academic affairs. While she often seems childish and unpredictable as a result, she is also very perceptive.
  • Elrane (エルレイン Erurein?) - The Holy Woman of the Order of Atamoni, Elrane is worshipped as a living manifestation of the goddess Fortuna. She takes joy in granting happiness to people, and she is able to create miracles at will by drawing power out of Lens in a fashion similar to Reala. For that reason, people flock to her with offerings of Lens in order to receive her blessing.
  • Barbatos Goetia (バルバトス・ゲーティア Barubatos Geetia?) - Barbatos is a warrior who fought in the War of Heaven and Earth, but was killed by Dymlos. His power was equal to the Swordian Dymlos, but due to his own selfish behavior, he was written out of history. Now, Barbatos fights in order to validate his existence.

Tales of Eternia

  • Reid Hershel (リッド・ハーシェル Riddo Haasheru?, "Rid Hershel") - Reid is the red-haired protagonist of Tales of Eternia who wields a wide variety of melee weaponry, including swords, axes, and halberds. Reid and Farah have known each other since childhood, growing up in the same small village, Rasheans, and have become close. He is mostly known as a lazy hunter who only wants to relax in life.
  • Farah Oersted (ファラ・エルステッド Fara Erusuteddo?) - Farah is a hardheaded farm girl from the same village as Reid, Rasheans, and they are almost always together as childhood friends. In contrast to Reid, Farah always wants to help people in need, even before understanding the situation. In battles, she uses martial arts.
  • Keele Zeibel (キール・ツァイベル Kiiru Tsaiberu?, "Keel Zeibel") - Keele is a scholarly researcher who spends his time at Mintche University, investigating Craymels and their applications. Keele has the ability to cast offensive magic and summon based on what Greater Craymels are assigned to him. Keele fights with staves and maces, but his physical status is unimpressive, and it is often because of him that the party has to take pauses in their journey.
  • Meredy (メルディ Merudii?) - Hailing from Celestia and speaking a language alien to the Inferians, Melnics, Meredy is never without her companion Quickie. Meredy's home is Imen, the city of Craymels, in Celestia. Meredy has the same Greater Craymel options as Keele.
  • Chat (チャット Chatto?) - Descended from a famous pirate, Aifread, Chat styles herself an oddball pirate who is the captain of an impressive ship, the Van Eltia, but she has no crew. Before meeting Reid in the course of the story, Chat lived in relative isolation and avoided contact with others.
  • Max (フォッグ Foggu?, "Fog")- The leader of the resistance group, Shileska, which is aligned against the de facto Celestian government. Shileska is headquartered in the Celestian city of Tinnsia. Max wields high-powered energy guns as a ranged attacker.
  • Rassius Luine (Ras) (レイシス・フォーマルハウト(レイス) Reishisu Foomaruhauto (Reisu)?, "Rassis Fomalhaut (Race)") - Ras originally appears to be on the party's side and serves as a playable character temporarily, but his true intentions as a Senior Knight of Inferia are eventually made clear. Ras is an agile swordsman who uses sabers in quick attacks and techniques. As portrayed in the game, Reid is not on good terms with Rassius; the two often compete, with Reid shown as jealous towards Ras's relationship with Farah, as she shows affection toward him.

Tales of Symphonia

  • Lloyd Irving (ロイド・アーヴィング Roido Aavingu?) - Once but a simple country boy, Lloyd is thrust out into a journey of epic proportions following a brutal attack on his village. The Chosen of Regeneration, Colette, is in fact one of his dearest friends, and after an exile from his home, Lloyd joins her on her Journey of Regeneration. Although the young warrior himself plays no part in the prophecy as such, he is still a strong optimist and eventually a fair leader.
  • Colette Brunel (コレット・ブルーネル Koretto Buruuneru?, Collet Brunel) - The kind and selfless Chosen of Regeneration from the land of Sylvarant, whose destiny is to climb the Tower of Salvation and restore life to the planet. For the sake of this cause, she would willingly give up her own life. She strongly believes in the Goddess Martel and wishes for the worlds of Sylvarant and Tethe'alla to be at peace.
  • Genis Sage (ジーニアス・セイジ Jiiniasu Seiji?, Genius Sage) - A childhood friend of Lloyd who grew up studying magic in the small countryside village of Iselia. Being something of a prodigy with his powers, this young boy becomes an invaluable member of the Chosen's group through their Journey of Regeneration.
  • Raine Sage (リフィル・セイジ Rifiru Seiji?, Refill Sage) - A skilled healer who worked as a teacher in Iselia before leaving with Colette on the Journey of Regeneration. Together with her younger brother Genis, she claims to be an orphaned elf who carved out a life in the land of Sylvarant.
  • Kratos Aurion (クラトス・アウリオン Kuratosu Aurion?) - A sword-wielding mercenary whom the Church of Martel hires in order to protect the Chosen on her Journey of Regeneration. At the beginning of the story, not much is known about this mysterious character, but as things progress, more and more of his history becomes clear.
  • Sheena Fujibayashi (しいな藤林 Shiina Fujibayashi?, Shihna Fujibayashi) - A female ninja from the Tethe'alla village of Mizuho who was sent to Sylvarant to assassinate Colette. However, as she travels through the faraway land, she begins to feel sympathy for its people and their plight.
  • Zelos Wilder (ゼロス・ワイルダー Zerosu Wairuda?) - The Chosen of Mana from the land of Tethe'alla. Raised as an aristocrat in Meltokio, his view of the world is clouded. He is unaware of the effects of discrimination in his world, although he is aware of its presence. An irrepressible flirt, he takes every chance he can get to hit on all female party members, much to the annoyance of the party. Although he boldly displays an extroverted personality, he does not share his inner thoughts to others.
  • Presea Combatir (プレセア・コンバティール Puresea Conbatiiru?) - A young girl who is a victim to the effects of a special Exsphere, halting her physical growth. She is very quiet and constantly asserts her need to go home, but when she regains her true self, she slowly begins to act more human.
  • Regal Bryant (リーガル・ブライアン Riigaru Buraian?, Regal Bryan) - A convict bound with shackles for a crime he committed long ago, this man owes no real debt to society for what he did, yet he is unable to forgive himself. The party first meets Regal in the Meltokio sewers, and he seems to know Presea from somewhere.
  • Mithos (ミトス Mitosu?, Mitos) - A young half-elf outcast from Ozette, he befriends the party after Cruxis destroys the village. Being so close to Genis's age, they quickly bond. The party shows Mithos that it is possible for humans and half-elves to work together. He is named after Mithos the Hero.

Tales of Rebirth

  • Veigue Lungberg (ヴェイグ・リュングベル Veigu Ryungeberu?) - The 18-year-old protagonist, Veigue wields a broadsword and possesses the Force of Ice. An orphan whose parents died when he was young, Veigue was raised in the village of Sulz by Claire's family. Veigue is cold, unsociable, and withdrawn, but when he is with Claire, he softens. Throughout the story, he becomes more open to other people, especially his allies. Due to his Force going out of control in the beginning of the story, resulting in Claire being encased in ice, he concerns himself with her safety at all times.
  • Claire Bennett (クレア・ベネット Kurea Benetto?) - Claire is the 17-year-old heroine of the story. Her family took Veigue in when he was a child. She has rarely left her village of Sulz, but she is taken forcefully from her home at the start of the story, prompting Veigue to chase after her. Her focus on the positive traits of others, good heart, and optimism have earned her respect and admiration in the local community. Prior to the events of the story, she is encased in ice by Veigue when his Force goes out of control. After being freed, she becomes a pivotal character in the story. At some points in the story, Claire's point of view is shown during scenarios collectively known as "Claire Side". During these short portions, the player can control Claire in her current setting, although there are no battles.
  • Mao (マオ Mao?) - Mao is a Huma boy possessing the Force of Flame, who has no memory of his childhood. Traveling with the imposing Gajuma warrior, Eugene Gallardo, who he sees as a father figure, the two encounter Veigue guarding Claire's ice prison and invite him on their journey. Wise for his age, Mao usually imparts advice and knowledge of Force-related subjects at the beginning of the story. Throughout the story, he provides a cheery and child-like manner, often using humor to lighten the mood.
  • Eugene Gallardo (ユージーン・ガラルド Yuujiin Gararudo?) - A powerful 40-year-old spear-wielding Gajuma warrior with the Force of Steel, Eugene travels with Mao. He is revealed early on to be the ex-commander of the royal army, although his situation behind leaving is a mystery to many. His past in revealed slowly through the story and is tied into that of Annie's. Known throughout the kingdom as a respected and strong commander, he is revered by many he comes across.
  • Annie Barrs (アニー・バース Anii Baasu?) - A 15-year-old girl with the Force of Rain. Annie is introduced a short way into the story as a girl who has a strong dislike of Gajuma. This hatred is explained as the story continues and is tied into Eugene's past. Her father was a doctor, and she is very knowledgeable on the practice. Starting out as an enemy of the group, she eventually joins them.
  • Tytree Crowe (ティトレイ・クロウ Titorei Kurou?) - A 17 year-old worker in Petnadjanka with the Force of Wood. Tytree cares deeply for his big sister and has big ideals of racial equality, unable to understand those who are against either race. The group initially meets Tytree as his Force is going out of control and has overtaken the Petnadjanka factory with vines and plants. After the ensuing battle, however, he joins the party. Throughout the story, he develops a close friendship with Veigue.
  • Hilda Rhambling (ヒルダ・ランブリング Hiruda Ranburingu?) - A beautiful but cold 21-year-old fortune teller, Hilda possesses the Force of Lightning. Initially encountering the party as an enemy, a member of the Royal Shield in fact, she fights them twice. After being abandoned by the army, however, she joins the party. Revealed to be a Half, with both Huma and Gajuma blood, she has developed a strong hatred for both the societies that have shunned her, as well as her own heritage, going so far as to cut off half of her own horns. She hides her horns and ears with a hat. Cold and logical, she provides a keen insight as the group continues their journey. She had a close friendship with fellow Half Militsa of the Royal Shield.
  • Agarte Lindblum (アガーテ・リンドブロム Agaate Rindoburomu?) - Daughter of Ladras, she is the heir to the throne by blood. She is in love with her general, Milhaust Selkirk, but due to their racial difference, she sought a Huma body to be finally on an equal terms to love him. She possesses the Force of Moon, which can be used to swap bodies.
  • Milhaust Selkirk (ミルハウスト・セルカーク Miruhausuto Serukaaku?) - The main general of the Karegia army and formerly a good friend of Eugene. Milhaust loyally serves the Karegia Kingdom, and although antagonistic, he is a man of honor and cares for the future of the country, thus encounters with Veigue rarely go confrontational.
  • Zilva Madigan (ジルバ・マヂィガン Jiruba Madiigan?) - Agarte's adviser who also possesses the Force of Moon. She harbors an extreme dislike toward Huma and would like nothing but their extermination. For this, she manipulates Agarte and controls many things, such as Eugene's fall from grace.
  • Saleh (サレ Sare?) - A twisted Huma who takes delight in the suffering of other people, especially Veigue and the rest of the group. He possesses the Force of Storm.
  • Tohma (トーマ Tooma?) - A Gajuma who possesses the Force of Magnet. Tohma is Saleh's partner and has an extreme prejudice on Huma in general. Physically powerful, he is also an expert manipulator, as he is mostly responsible in manipulating Hilda. He is very loyal to Zilva and her views on a world without Huma.
  • Walto (ワルトゥ Warutou?) - A Gajuma who possesses the Force of Sound, which is used to control the waves of a person's brain, enabling him to control people. Despite his potentially evil power, Walto is a good friend of Eugene and is a honorable man who only fights for the good of Karegia Kingdom.
  • Militsa (ミリッツァ Mirittsa?) - A Half and quite possibly Hilda's only friend, Militsa takes pride in her Half heritage, but believes that the Four Stars is the only place where Halves can be accepted, thanks to Tohma's manipulation. She possesses the Force of Rainbow, which allows her create copies of herself.
  • Yuris (ユリス Yurisu?) - A being of negative emotions created by the negative emotions of both the Huma and Gajuma. When left unchecked, it is capable of destroying the world.

Tales of Legendia

  • Senel Coolidge (セネル・クーリッジ Seneru Kuurijji?) - Although young in years, Senel Coolidge is a skilled fighter and adept at Iron Eres. He also excels at piloting boats and swimming due to his years battling monsters while patrolling the seaways as an Alliance marine. Strong-willed and highly focused, he never backs out of a commitment, no matter the circumstances.
  • Shirley Fennes (シャーリィ・フェンネス Shaari Fennesu?) - Two years younger than Senel, Shirley Fennes constantly worries about the dangers her brother faces. Delicate and frail, she is allergic to ocean water and even sea breezes. Due to her introverted nature, others often view her as weak-spirited, but her sense of determination knows no equal. Once she's set her mind on something, there's no stopping her.
  • Will Raynard (ウィル・レイナード Wiru Reinaado?) - Will Raynard is the first person Senel encounters aboard the Legacy. A trustworthy man, Will has put his Crystal Eres to good use, serving as sheriff of Werites Beacon at the request of Madame Musette. It should be noted that while the townspeople address him as sheriff, he has apparently refused the title and insists he is a nothing more than a natural historian.
  • Chloe Valens (クロエ・ヴァレンス Kuroe Varensu?) - A practitioner of Iron Eres, this young girl has an extraordinary talent for wielding the sword. Once a family of distinguished knights in a former kingdom, the Valens name is also well-known in other countries. Pressured by her family's reputation, Chloe constantly tries to act as tough as a knight should. On the inside, however, she can be very adolescent and even cute.
  • Norma Beatty (ノーマ・ビアッティ Nooma Biatti?, "Norma Biatty") - A practitioner of Crystal Eres, this young girl is a treasure hunter whom Senel's party encounters on their journey. She came to the Legacy in search of the Everlight. Cheerful and comical, she banters with those around her and is not above poking fun at herself in order to get a good laugh.
  • Moses Sandor (モーゼス・シャンドル Moozesu Shandoru?) - Hailing from a clan of beast tamers, this javelin-wielding Iron Eres-practitioner is always accompanied by Giet, his pet Galf. The notorious leader of a clan of mountain bandits aboard the Legacy, Moses Sandor leads his band in raids across the surrounding lands.
  • Jay (ジェイ Jei?) - This cryptic boy is a practitioner of Iron Eres. A master analyst, he calmly observes events from the sidelines and often serves as a strategist and tactician.
  • Grune (グリューネ Guryuune?) - This mysterious Crystal Eren possesses the ability to infuse in others a warm feeling of inner peace and tranquility no matter what the circumstances. The only memory she has is that of her name, yet this fact does not dispirit her and she can always be found smiling gently.

Tales of the Abyss

  •  Luke fon Fabre - An amnesic aristocrat who was confined to his family's manor following a kidnapping seven years ago. One day, he was suddenly spirited away from his home and to a far valley on the other side of the world due to an accidental hyperresonance when Tear Grants attempted to assassinate his swordmaster Van Grants. With little experience with regards to life outside the manor and normal human relationships, Luke is suddenly forced to find his way back home. After he finds himself involved in a far larger struggle, he transforms from a spoiled child into a selfless hero.
  • Tear Grants - A Seventh Fonist who promised to bring Luke back to his manor after accidentally transporting him into Malkuth territory following her failed attempt at assassinating Van. Her parents were killed when she was very young, and ever since she has been raised as a soldier by the Order of Lorelei. She is later revealed to be the younger sister of Van, her true name being Mystearica Aura Fende. Wielding a small staff and fonic hymns, Tear is the primary healer, but has a small selection of melee moves, along with a few light-based fonic artes.
  • Guy Cecil - Luke fon Fabre's childhood friend and a servant of the Fabre household. Guy departed in search of Luke following his disappearance, eventually finding Luke cooperating with the Malkuth military after rescuing him from the Oracle Knights. It is later revealed that Guy is really the last remaining member of the House of Gardios, and is, therefore, both a Malkuth aristocrat and the rightful governor of the Isle of Hod. His original purpose in joining the Fabre household was his desire for revenge against Duke Fabre, who slaughtered his family. Guy fights with a sword in the Sigmund style swordsmanship, a style that is unique to Hod and developed as a branch of the Albert style that Luke uses.
  • Jade Curtiss - A colonel in the Malkuth Empire's military who travels the land in a dreadnought called the Tartarus. Jade first encounters Luke in the Grocer's Hamlet, Engeve, while escorting Fon Master Ion, whom he rescues, alongside Tear and Luke, from the Liger Queen. His mastery of fonic artes is renowned throughout Auldrant, and many soldiers fear his reputation as "Jade the Necromancer," a somewhat erroneous title stemming from the belief that he collected corpses after each battle to reanimate for use as his own troops. Jade is also known as the "Father of Fomicry" and, in his childhood, in addition to developing the basis of the technology, studied under Professor Gelda Nebilim Nebilim before he attempted to use the Seventh Fonon. As he is not normally capable of wielding its power, it quickly escaped his control and starting a fire, badly injuring Professor Nebilim and destroying her home. As she lay on the brink of death, Jade attempted to create a replica, though it became unstable for a lack of first and sixth fonons, leading it to kill several nearby fonists before being sealed away by the Malkuth military. It is later revealed that, in addition to his sister Nephry Osborne, Jade counted both Saphir Gneiss and the future Emperor Peony among his childhood friends.
  • Anise Tatlin - A Fon Master Guardian whose family was once stricken by massive debt due to the wanton actions of her gullible father Oliver and trusting mother Pamela. Anise, and her parents, are effectively the indentured servants of Grand Maestro Mohs, to whom Anise is shown to be grudgingly loyal so long as he holds her parents under his power. She feels that it is her duty to marry into wealth in order to relieve the burden of her parents' debt, at first targeting Luke as her future wife, though she is too young, by the laws of the Order, to marry. Anise is originally portrayed as being quite greedy, although this image is somewhat-altered when the dire financial status of her parents is discovered. With the removal and later death of the Grand Maestro, her focus shifts from marrying Luke to reforming the Order of Lorelei and becoming its first female Fon Master.
  • Natalia Luzu Kimlasca-Lanvaldear - The bow-wielding princess of the kingdom of Kimlasca, Natalia is engaged to Luke and the two are to be wed once he reaches the age of 20, though Luke himself does not appear to be delighted by the thought, and is often shown to be rude to his cousin, after whom he is third in the line of succession. It is later revealed that Natalia is not the true princess Natalia, who was stillborn, but is rather the daughter of Badaq and Sylvia Oakland, and was given the name Meryl by her true parents. Although his advisers originally push for Natalia to be executed for the crime of impersonating royalty, King Ingobert VI, after a great deal of uncertainty on the subject, decides that regardless of her lineage, he will accept Natalia as his daughter and heiress. Although she is shown to possess a genuine concern for her biological father, Natalia kills him with an arrow after he is fought in the Absorption Gate.
  • Fon Master Ion - The young leader of the Order of Lorelei, Ion appears to be a rather sickly boy who is capable of unleashing immense power in short bursts, after which he is often shown to be entirely drained. He is one of few people alive capable of using Daathic fonic artes, though his weak constitution is later revealed to have been caused by the fact that he is not the true Ion, but rather a replica of the original Fon Master who died of an unnamed illness years ago. Although seven replicas were made in total, only three—Ion, Sync and Florian are known to have survived—with "Ion" himself possessing the powers nearest to the original Fon master, Sync being able to use Daathic fonic arts but lacking the power to read the score and Florian able to read the score, but not apparently able to do anything else.
  • Mieu - A young Cheagle who was exiled from his tribe after almost bringing destruction to the forest in which they live by accidentally setting the part of the forest inhabited by ligers ablaze. After the fire the Cheagles were forced to gather food for the displaced monsters, turning toward Engeve as the nearest source of food. As his punishment, he is to go travel with Luke and to act as his servant. He is often abused by Luke, by whom he is addressed as "Thing" even after Luke's great shift in disposition, even going so far as to say "you are a thing" after apologizing for calling him so. Around his stomach, he wears the Sorcerer's Ring, an item given to the Cheagles by Yulia Jue, which both allows him to speak human language and to shoot fire from his mouth without tiring, and later to break various items such as rocks, and even fly for a brief span of time.


Law System

The most prominent difference between The Tales X is the Law System. In a battle, a judge is present on the map who will not fight for either side, but will merely move about, keeping himself out of the way. At times, he will move the unconscious bodies, of enemies and allies alike, from one space to another. Laws are set by judges, invincible arbiters present at each battle, with some exceptions. Laws may forbid the use of certain weapons, items, elemental spells, or status changes. Breaking a law results in punishment by carding, the receipt of a red or yellow card. Imprisonment happens if a character infringes a law twice or knocks out another unit with a forbidden ability or weapon. Jagds have no judges or laws; units knocked out in the jagds will die and permanently leave the party if they are not revived by the end of the battle.

To offset the difficulty of having things forbidden for use, there are certain things that are recommended by the judges, and therefore grant Judge Points. Judge Points (JP) are used to carry out combos with nearby allies or to summon a Totema. JP are also received upon killing an opponent. Later in the game, the player can add new Laws and cast "Antilaws" to nullify laws that are already in effect.

Law and Antilaw Cards

After completing one Tale,the player can start advanced mode and he will have access to Law and Antilaw Cards used to change the laws in effect on the battlefield. Law Cards (white) impose new laws, though the maximum number of Laws can never be exceeded. Antilaw Cards (black) nullify laws that are already in effect. These can be used to grant a tactical advantage during battle, as enemies must obey the law or they will suffer the same penalties the heroes do (assuming they are not wearing Hero Medals).

Five Races

In addition to Humans (called Humes in later renditions), there are four different character races. Moogles, represented most prominently by Montblanc, are small and friendly. Their Jobs inflict status effects and have surprisingly high defensive stat growth despite not having a class like the Paladin or the Defender. Nu Mou specialize at magic, and have one melee Job, the Morpher. Bangaa are the most physically tough, specializing in melee. Viera are an entirely female species. They can be ranged, melee, or magic, with all their Jobs speed-based, and are the most versatile race along with Humans. Each race has a certain list of Jobs they can be, many of which (though not all) will be unique to them, and each race has access to its own Totema. Additionally, the shops in various towns will have discounts on items for particular races.


Although Laws govern the majority, there are three lawless locations called Jagds, which judges avoid. No actions are forbidden, nor can Judge Points be earned. A character that is KOed in these locations will, unless revived before the end of the battle, permanently leave the party (and in the case of the main protagonist, a Game Over will occur). This applies to deuteragonists and any other "storyline characters", including others. The Three Jagds are: Jagd Dorsa, Jagd Helje, and Jagd Ahli.


In The Tales X, summons are called Totema. Each race is tied to a Totema, which can be called for an attack, providing the user has defeated the Totema and has ten Judge Points. Even though there are Totemas, Summons can still be accessible. Unlike summons, If you have a Totema Card, You can only summon the Totema, For example, the player has 5 Mateus Totema Cards, that mean Mateus can only be summoned 5 times.

The five Totema are:

  • Famfrit, the Totema of the moogles.
  • Ultima, the Totema of the nu mou.
  • Adrammelech, the Totema of the bangaa.
  • Exodus, the Totema of the viera.
  • Mateus, the Totema of the humans

Job System

There are 25 Job classes in The Tales X that govern a character's stats, equipment, and abilities. Most items that can be equipped have various abilities assigned to them, each available for use by characters of a certain Job while the item is equipped. When a battle is completed, characters will receive Ability Points (AP) distributed over their currently equipped abilities. Once a target amount of AP has been accumulated for a given ability, the character will master it allowing the character to use them at any time, regardless of items equipped and Job chosen. Mastery of abilities in different Jobs will eventually allow the character access to more Jobs.

Units have a primary Job which determines the stat boosts they receive when they level up and the attributes associated with that class. A unit may also have a secondary Job where they can use any abilities of the selected Job, but with the stat profile of the primary Job. For example, an Assassin with a Sniper secondary Job can use abilities from both Jobs, but has the stat profile and appearance of an Assassin, the primary Job.


  • 4 Tales of Phantasia Characters can turn into other races, and 2 remain as humans.
    • Cress can turn into Bangaa.
    • Mint can turn into Viera.
    • Chester can turn into Nu Mou.
    • Arche can turn into Moogle.
    • Claus and Suzu  remain as Humans.
  • Prisya remains as a human, but has the abilities of both Bangaa and Viera.
  • There is a glitch about Kaimi can turn into a Viera, but if Kaimi turns into a Viera, She cannot turn human again permanently unless the player starts a new game.

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