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The Tales (series)
The Tales X, One of "The Tales Series" Games
Developer(s) Namco Tales Studio
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Genre(s) Role-Playing Game
Spinoff(s) None
First Game Tales of Phantasia
Most Recent Game Tales of Phantasia II: The 17 years
The Tales is one of Namco Tales Studio's Game Series. It is a Role-Playing Game.


Boxart Logo Name Platform Release Date
Final Fantasy VI Phantasia Nintendo 3DS 2016
ToP logo
Tales of Phantasia Super Famicom
Game Boy Advance
PlayStation Portable
Mobile Phone
December 15, 1995
December 23, 1998
August 1, 2003
September 6, 2006
August 5, 2010
September 24, 2013
Tales of Phantasia II: The 17 Years Nintendo 3DS 2017
The Tales X Wii U 2017


Final Fantasy VI Phantasia

Character Description
Terra IV

Terra Branford

A half-human, half-esper girl who spent most of her young life being bred as a weapon for the Empire.
Locke III

Locke Cole

A "treasure hunter" and rebel sympathizer.
Ff6 edgar

Edgar Roni Figaro

The king of Figaro and Locke's friend. He claims allegiance to the Empire while secretly supplying the Returners.
Sabin IV

Sabin Rene Figaro

Edgar's brother who fled the royal court to hone his martial arts skills.

Cyan Garamonde

A loyal knight of the kingdom of Doma.


A feral child surviving since infancy in the harsh wilderness known as the Veldt, coaxed into the party with offerings of food.
Celes II

Celes Chere

A former general of the Empire and a Magitek Knight, who joins the Returners following her imprisonment for questioning imperial policies.
Setzer II

Setzer Gabbiani

The inveterate gambler and womanizer who joins forces with the Returners after being tricked by Celes, offering the use of his airship to transport the heroes around the world.
Ff6 shadow


A high-priced ninja mercenary who offers his services to both the Empire and the Returners.
Cress in the Animation

Cress Albane

A young swordsman from the village of Toltus who sets out on a revenge-fueled journey after losing his family in a bloody massacre.
Mint in the Animation

Mint Adenade

A calm and collected healer who was taken prisoner by evil knights just before the Demon King Dhaos is released. She joins Cress on his quest when they escape together.
Chester in the Animation

Chester Burklight

Cress's childhood friend who loses his little sister Ami Burklight when their village is destroyed. Bow in hand, he swears to get revenge by defeating the Demon King Dhaos.
Claus in the Animation

Claus F. Lester

A scholar from the village of Euclid who helps Cress out by summoning spirits. His goal is to one day master the art of magic despite being a human.
Arche in the Animation

Arche Klein

A cheerful half-elf witch with powerful magic who can feel the world's energy slowly draining away.

Tales of Phantasia II: The 17 years

New Characters

Character Description
Prisya Albane

Prisya Albane

Cress and Mint's 17-year old daughter, who trained in the South Forest in hope of following in her father's footsteps.

Mysterious Girl

The Mysterious Girl is the game's primary antagonist who is determined to kill Cress. She bears a striking resemblance to Mint, although with teal hair instead of blonde.
Kaimi Klein Animation

Kaimi Klein

Arche's Unknown Sister in the First Tales of Phantasia, She is more powerful than Arche.
CreatorLastForm N3DS


The Creator of the World. The Final Boss of the game.

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