The Sushi King is a small restaurant specializing in Sushi which is located near the border between Sarasaland and Mushroom Kingdom. In the game Super Mario RPG:Mario's Revenge the Evil Queen Valencia and her assistant Dodo set up a restaurant Specializng in Sushi.She put her henchman Dr. Goomba in charge of the place.Mario Peach Princess Daisy and Samus Aran came here to eat.Right away Mario knew something was wrong as all the workers lunged towards him in order to get the Bounty from Queen Valencia.Mario went to Valencia's Castle where Queen Valencia sicced One of her chargin chuck henchmen on him.Mario was able to defeat the Chargin Chuck by ground pounding his head 3 times.Mario did battle with Queen Valencia and won Defeated Queen Valencia and Dodo and Dr goomba ran away vowing revenge on the plumber

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