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Episode Plot

  • Narrator: "The peaceful land of the Tinyroot City, a city with good persons, good jobs and good days... a perfect city, but, there's one problem..."
  • Pedrokovic's Laboratory, Saturday, 9:38 AM
  • Dr. Pedrokovic: "Finally, a way to make this city goes down, the Z-Virus will ruin down this city... hahaha!"
  • A lighting bolt appears and make the screen black.
  • Tinyroot City, Saturday, 10:00 AM
  • Tom: "Finally, Saturday... a day without my class... sigh."
  • Maria (Tom's Wife): "Wake up, Tom, he needs goes to the supermarket!"
  • Tom: "Oh great... why?"
  • Maria: "I want make a party with my friends, let's go!"
  • Tom: "Why you don't go alone?"
  • Maria: "Because I want your opinion!"
  • Tom: "If this is a party to your friends why you don't call one of your friends?"
  • Maria: "The party is a secret to everybody, only you and me knows."
  • Tom: "Wait, if nobody knows about the party, why you are making?"
  • Maria: "Do you can goes with me on supermarket, like a couple?"
  • Tom: "Geez, okay."
  • Maria: "Thanks, Tom."
  • Tom starts to write on his' diary:
    • "My name is Tom and I'm a math teacher... great job, huh?, nobody of my class like me and my wife, Maria, only wants know about my money... what a great life I have."
  • Julius' House, Saturday, 10:35 AM.
  • Julius: "Another day, already?"
  • Karlos (Julius' son): "Hey daddy, let's go to park today?"
  • Julius: "I gonna think about after the dinner."
  • Karlos: "Okay."
  • Julius starts to write on his' diary
    • "My name is Julius and I'm a ex-cop, great times when I worked for the police... I was the best cop in Chicago, to until I reach that case, a fake photo evidence show me killing another person... I never killed anyone, this case has been finished for years, I escape from Chicago to live here in Tinyroot to see if I will have a good life..., I have a son named Karlos, my wife, Fernanda, has been killed..., Karlos never meet his' mother."

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