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[THIS EPISODE STARTING WITH R.O.B. Standing in the battlefield]

ROB: Hello Citizens. Welcome to the new episode of the Super Smash Bros Super Smash Show. Today we're..... uh....

ROB: Oh (Video Game noises) Me. Hold on. Hey Writers! What is this episode about?

[The Writers appeared out of nowhere]

Writer #1: Maybe Bowser Jr. could be the villain again. I guess he deserved being the secondary Villain in this show.

[Kirby, Pit, and Pikachu appears]

Pikachu: Pi Pi Pikachu Pika Pika Pi Pika? (Why did Bowser Jr. could have to appeared in Almost ALL our episodes?)

Writer #2: Because We can't think of the another Bad Guys, To be honesty.

Pit: Why not uses Gandondorf, Eggplant Wizard, or maybe Mewtwo. Wait, Is Mewtwo count?

Writer #1: Well, We don't think Mewtwo don't even count as the villain. And I don't know about The "Eggplant Wizard".

Kirby: Eggplants?! YUM!!!

Pit: Shut up Keebee.

Kirby: It's Kirby, Pit...

Pikachu: Pi Pi Pika Pika? (Is this opening started too long?)

ROB: HOLY NINTENDO! I forgot about that! Wait, is this supposed to be 1 minute long?

Writer #2: Nah, It's like....I don't know. Maybe 3 minutes?

Pit: Wait! We don't have time! We need to get to the opening!

Kirby: Can we start nooooooooow?

Pit: Nah... You're on your own.

[Pit falled down into the pit and.....this unfitting music came out]


Writer #1: Annnnnnd... We put that for fun. =D

ROB: Darn... Humen are weird.


Narrtoer: We started off our heroes, Kirby, Sonic, Link, Pit, Mr. Game and Watch, and Pikachu, are at dinner at the Mushroom Kingdom.

Pit: MMM! Great stuff!

Kirby: Hey, What did you cook this?

Peach: We cooked it with Nuts, Bananas, Donuts, Flowsers, Cononuts, and left-over cakes!

Link: !!!!! [Spit out the food] WAIT WHAT?!?! OH GOD!!!! Who in Hyrule could people Cooked this...."Thing"?!

Peach: I don't even Know! Maybe It's for our special guests to try it! Mario and Luigi tried it before they leaved! It's great! Don't it, Daisy?

Daisy: HI I'M DAISY!

Peach: I thought so.

Link: OK seriously! Pit, What going on?!?!

Pit: I don't know.

Sonic: Don't ask me, We ARE invited here.

Mr. G&W: Hey Guys? What going on? I was busy playing The NES here!

Sonic: Sorry about that, Game N Wash Boy! We having a party until Link Blames!

Mr. G&W: What did you just called me?

Sonic: Game N Wash Boy! Get it? I called you that nickname few episodes ago.

Mr. G&W: That's sound stupid.

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