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Ice12 Hello Users. Before you read this article, please notice that this page has been created by Iceboys12. So do not edit without his permission unless there are some misspellings, or putting in Categories, please. If you asked his permission or join his company, feel free to edit and add as much information as you see fit. Now enjoy this article.

The Super Smash Bros. Super Smash Show!
Producer(s) Iceboys12co.(Iceboys12) Happy TV Company,Kobetendo TV
Distributor(s) Nintendo
Broadcaster(s) Fan TV
Type Animation
Genre(s) Comedy, Action, Adventure
Age Rating(s)
Season(s) 5
Episodes  ?
Status Cancelled or Abandoned due to lack of interest

The Super Smash Bros. Super Smash Show! (JAPANESE: 大乱闘スマッシュブラザーズ ANIME) is an animated series about the happenings of Super Smash Bros Series and other nintendo/sega/capcom/konami characters. It was created by Iceboys12 as a parody of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! and other TV shows. Updated whenever. The relationship was quite different. Some heroes may not be protogonist in certain episodes and vice versa for the vilians (being not antagonist.) It mean that heroes will work with vilians and vilians will work for heroes but not for controversy. Those who can speak will talks like humans. [NOTE: Contains Non-Bloody Deaths, Breaking the 4th Wall jokes, puns, fighting, etc.]


A famous Plumber Hero from the Mushroom Kingdom. One of the main heroes of the show, He was befriend with Kirby, Toad, Sonic, Link, Yoshi, and the others (Some Annoys and mess him up.)
Kirby File-KirbySSBM Kirby is a happy, Happy fellow and has a open mind. He has a girlfriend, Jigglypuff.
Marth 250px-MarthFE3DS Marth is a cool japanese prince, and the leader of the "Wielding Swordmen" Crew. He was other times kinda bit of bad-tempered when it's come to something to things that driving him crazy.
Pit 200px-UprisingPit Pit was one of Roy and Link's Friends, and a hero of Skyworld. He was sometimes trying to give Marth, Ike, Roy, Link, Meta Knight, and the other smashers advice to help them of their problems, which few of them is kinda ignored.
Mr. Game and Watch
Even Mr. Game and Watch was kinda shocked when Marth is angry in front of him. Mr. Game and Watch was one of R.O.B.'s Pals for helping the nintendo shop
Bowser 300px-BowserMP8 Bowser is a large obese creature that is leader of an entire Koopa Troop. His main desire in life is to defeat Mario and take over the Mushroom Kingdom.
Peter Pat OrangeKoopa3D One of King Bowser's Minions, and the member of "Super Smashing Nasty Smiles Sucking Super Sonic Who give the Darn" Suqard. Pretty much to Sonic's Anger, not just because he trolls Sonic and try to trapped him, It also because He reminds him of Scratch or Grounder.
Sonic 183px-Sonic 110 Sonic is known in this series having his Graffi-Tagging business which he mostly fails or die for it at some times. Sonic is mostly a jerk to anyone that opposed him.
Pikachu 180px-PikachuDP Pikachu is a cute thunder-type rat pokemon. He was a friends to the other pokemons, and have 2 nephews.
Toad 250px-Toad 3D Land Toad is a messager of Peach, and a pal of Mario, even though he is sometimes annoying.
Green Toad for sttsg
Charile is one of Toad's closest friend and mostly sended to keep Peter P. and Bob M. at bay.
Toadette 220px-Toadette111 (2) She was Toad's Girlfriend, and also the messager of Princess Peach.
Bob Miles.
Army Hammer Bro. NSMBVR
Another One of King Bowser's Minions, and the member of "Super Smashing Nasty Smiles Sucking Super Sonic Who give the Darn" Suqard, and appeared to be way more smarter than Peter P. Same reasons to make Soinc mad.
Servant Joe.
Joe is a servbot that was one of Mega Man's wanna-be rivals.
Mega Man
Mega Man is a close friend and rival to Mario and Sonic.
Lucas LucasBlank A Close friend to Ness, even though he make fun of him
Yoshi File:1111yoshi.png One of Mario's Pals, and a hero of Yoshi Isle and Yoshi-Kind. 
R.O.B. R.O.B. R.O.B. is a robot who create a Nintendo Shop in the Mushroom Kingdom. He gives smashers advices.
Claus Claus A Older Brother of Lucas, and He is smarter than him. He is also known as his alter ego, Masked Man.
Ice Climbers BrawlIceClimbers The Ice Climbers known as Popo and Nana are Twins who have a hobby of Climbing Ice Mountatins at winter. They somehow loved each other and have friends.

Princess Daisy

She is a rich princess in sarasaland. She was a friend of Princess Peach, and kinda annoying at times.
Princess Zelda
Princess Zelda
A Mature Princess in Hyrule. she was also a friend of Peach, and she uses Magic, and turn into her alter ego, Sheik.
A big greedy yellow counterpart cousin of Mario, He pretty much don't care about things.
Luigi is a younger brother of Mario, and he was a secondary hero.
Expecting infomation about Waluigi? TOO BAD! WALUIGI TIME!
Toon Link Toonlink Toon Link is known in this series as a Nephew of the Original Link. He hang out with Ness and Lucas.
He is one of Marth and Roy's Friend in the series. He can use fire like Roy does.
Ganondorf is one of Link's Enemies, and he tries to take over the triforce to take over Hyrule and the world.
MewTwo 150Mewtwo Dream Mewtwo is known in this series as the Mastermind that was powerful as the Legendary Pokemons.
Master Hand MasterHand The Creator of the Super Smash Bros. He is also a judge of the smash court.
Takamaru 200px-Takamaru The Samurai Warrior from Edo. He, indeed, has a speech impediment of putting '-san/chan/sama' after every characters' names.
King Dedede
King dedede ssbb lg
He was the King of Dreamland, and a parther of Bowser and King K. Rool. He is also one of Kirby's Rivals.
Marx (Kirby)
Marx is one of Kirby's old Enemies. He appears in one episode called "Marx returns with Happiness?", which is now a ally to defeat Nightmare.
Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik Dr. Eggman (SMBZ) The old Nememis of Sonic The Hedgehog. He is known in this series as the villain who have a amusement park called "Eggman-Land" and wants the world polluted and/or go corrupted.
Captain Falcon
Captain Falcon real
Captain Falcon was the one of the Fastest and Strongest Smashers in the world. He was hot-blooded, and trained in "The Art of Falcon", He fights for Justice.
Imp Blue Toadette She was Charlie's Younger Sister, and one of Toadette's friends. She somehow go insane when she don't get her chocolate milk.


Each episode will be written to fit a 15-minute or 20 minutes or whatever minutes time slot. Each episode consists of:

Title Slide: It's like a slide, only with a title.

Cast: A list of trademarked names I have no rights to whatsoever.

Plot: Or whatever I can pass off as a plot.

Songs: The Musics in these Episodes

Credits: It's probably basically my name a million times.

And Of Course, feel free to fill in the empty slots in the Episode Lists.

Episode lists

Season 1(2008).

Episode Name: Description:

Cocky little Cheater.

[JPN: Bowser Jr.'s Evil Plot]

Bowser jr. Deciced to Take out Marth, Luigi, R.O.B., Diddy Kong, and Kirby with his new gun. But he abuse it and is considered as a Big mind mischeif EVIL LITTLE Cheater of DOOM!!


Mewtwo And Marth went to "Some random town that not in the pokemon games" to fight random trainers and then went to Mt. Sliver to fight Red.

The Prince, Also Traitor! (And Also Cool dude!)

[JPN: Marth, The Traitor of the prince!]

Marth have betrayed Meta Knight in order to beat him. He helped Roy and Ike do the talking.

Hide And Smash N Die Or Be Doomed! -or- The Wheel of Fate!

[JPN: Hide And Smash]

Bowser have decided to join the "Super Smashing Nasty Smiles Sucking Super Sonic Who give the Darn" Suqard (or S.S.N.S.S. or short) to play a game. This time, Bowser have more fun then he had!

Donkey Crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[JPN: Donkey Kong's Bananas Stolen!!]

Donkey Kong's Bananas is stolen by Bowser and his army of Koopas. It's up to Mario, Luigi, Peach, Link, Toad, Sonic, Tails, and Kirby to stop him!

Stupid Cocky little Lose Face More!

[JPN: The Silly Evil Plot]

Bowser Jr had enough of being beated up by the Smashers, so he tried a new plot similar to the first episode plot. But in the end, He got killed by Mewtwo.

Who's Sonic? Who's Mario? Who's...Nevermind.

[JPN: The Clones of Sonic]

Sonic have multiplied himself so much that he has almost cause a disaster! Ganondorf and Link have prevented it, but ended up just like Sonic's case. Oh, and then they somehow killed Sonic before he do anymore damage.
Kirby the Copycat Kirby starts pranking around by mimic the other fighters as usual. Until he ended up to mimic Meta Knight!
Slippery Match. The match have been No-Contested because Mario isn't in a good mood.

Sonic Waz Here!

[JPN: Sonic Grafiti]

Sonic have put grafiiti "The King's a loser!" in many walls. but He got killed by Yoshi and get crowned.

Poor Sonic... He died.

[JPN: What happened to Yoshi?]

A Possible Fellow-up/Part 2 of "Sonic Waz here"! Link, Ike, Mega Man, And Popo attacks Yoshi to Average Sonic, But it's turned out It's Bowser all along!

Reckless Loss of Stupidity.

[JPN: Lucas' Strike!]

Lucas hasn't wash himself since five days. He said that it's a smell of smartness! But the other think it's a scam. And then He's now on strike because he getting sicked of the others taunting because of his smell!
The Rise of Metal Mario (Part 1 and 2) Metal Mario rises from his Tome and Decided to attack the smashers and the villains to take over the world!
The Rise of Metal Mario (Part 3 and 4) The Final Battle Between The Remaining Smashers and Metal Mario! Not really a final battle but you know what I mean.
Smash Crisis! Mario and Co. must stop Waluigi from taking things, but He got owned by Gandondorf first. So They went to fight him instead.

That Bowser Jr. Got Mad. Again.

[JPN: The Return of Bowser Jr.]

Bowser Jr., Who is an old reject from the first few episodes, strikes his revenge for getting picked on and getting killed almost all the time!

Season 2(2008-2009)

Doom of Doom. King DeDeDe went to buy a super market, but it's bootleg and pirate and stuff. And He want to attack whoever sent him that market.

The Second-to-last Lame plan to do stuff.

[JPN: What this plot is about?]

Do I have something to say? Well... Not really...
The Legend of Peach Ganon discovers a mysterious switch-up of doom, and Sonic joins Mario and the gang on their misadventure
Come Along Zob! The New Adventures awaits the smashers with Zob!
Just Like King Kong! (Part 1 and Part 2) Now with 100% Color, 59% Technology, 101% Plot Twists, and featuring Video Game Characters!
Just Like King Kong! (Part 3) The Colusion of The Super Smash Bros Parody of King Kong!

Someone Gets the Boot!

[JPN: The Boot in the head]

Bowser Jr. Got Fired, and try to kill whoever fired him!

Somari visit of DOOM! I guess...

[JPN: Somari Visit]

Mario Bros' Cousin Somari visit and attack Link for no reasons!

Doom of Doom of Doom of Doom of Doom?

[JPN: Kirby and Purin's Honeymoon]

Kirby and Jigglypuff is about to make out and have a honey moon and something wrong.

Another Someone Gets the Boot in a head!

[JPN: Who got fired?]

Who get fired this time?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?! [SPOILERS: He/She may come back somehow]


[JPN: Then who's the shadow?]

Young Link returns with a special threat! And He want to kill everything in path!


[JPN: The evil return of the youngest Link]

The Sequel..............Already?!?!? Anyway, Dark Young Link is back and this time, he's now adult and more powerfull and, More god-like! will the smashers deal with this realive dark-hearted creature?
The Dark Trio! Dark Link and Dark Pit teams up to fight their Counterparts. Will Link and Pit defeat them before it's too late?
The Rise of Terror Sonic Has had it with People destroys his graffiti-tagging business (Mostly Bowser or R.O.B. or Link), and Kidnapping Amy for no actual reason. He even insults Bowser and calls him a monster with no social life. In the end, Sonic says this is the last time He'll been through all the random failures he got and saving a princess for no reason and if one of them gets kidnapped again, she is on her own. The next day, Mario, Link, Kirby, and Toad tell Sonic that Amy got kidnapped again and then They saved her, and Daisy is selled by Bowser for slavery and Sonic just ignores it and goes to eat chilldogs.

Season 3(2009-2011)

The Princess is a very super....... no idea.

[JPN: Bowser's Love Issue]

Bowser decides he doesn't need Peach for now and decides to try to find another princess to kidnap. King dedede and Bowser search through hyrule for princesses to kidnap and they come across one called Princess Zelda. But what they know is that unlike Peach for most times, Zelda can actually defend herself from being kidnapped. But In the end, They ended up fighting each other, and then they end up in the hospital covered in bandages. But then, Peach and Daisy is brought in with them so they can watch them.
Raisementship Peter P. and Bob M. need more money to redo their robot creation. In order to do that, we need a baby sitting service in The Mushroom Kingdom to babysits One of Toad Town's Brattist Child. All the toads in the town is in the world of pain when they reach there. It was hinted that her name was Imp, and If she don't get her chocolate Milk, she'll go insane and attack people at random. As the minions reached her house, it appeared that Kirby and Yoshi appeared before them.
Flame Wars Roy, Ike, and Captain Falcon was fighting each other to see each one was the best fire character ever. Will one of them successed?
Link to the Future Link, Roy, Ike, and Marth went back in Fictional Medieval times where the villagers are idiots that don't know what important in their lives and Dragons guarding shields and sell them instead of Treasures, and Chickens fall from the sky or something.
PSI-Death Wish Claus teaching Lucas some Advanced PK Skills, but then somehow Lucas learned PK-Universe, which is one of the dangerous and most powerful Skills of all PK skills.
Tink Tink Tinkie Tinkie Pinky Little Star Stafy have came to visit on Kirby's House, and then Wario, Waluigi was hired to ambush both Kirby and Stafy!
A day without a bowser Bowser going on a vaction to DK Isle to attack The DK Crew, leaving the Koopalings in Charge. Peter P. And Bob M. Buys 31 Ice Cream for Wendy for no reason by the way.

Good MOOAAR-ing Man!

[JPN: Dedede's new Neighbor! The Strange Neighbor!

.........Wait What? What am I Saying?!
The Magic Potion is stolen!(PART1) Bowser, King K. Rool, and Ganondorf have stolen the Magic Potion, which is Cranky Kong's latest invention. It's up to Donkey kong, Diddy Kong, Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi to find it!
The Magic Potion is near!(PART2) The Gang is very near to the stolen potion that Bowser, King K. Rool, and Ganondorf steal.
The Magic Potion is ours!(PART 3) The battle between Bowser's Team, and Donkey Kong's Team, and see who got the potion!

The Magic Potion is destroyed!...WHAT?!(PART 4)

[JPN: The Magic Potion had been broken... OH NO!!!]

Unfortunately for Bowser, King K. Rool, Ganondorf, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi, the magic potion is broken! How will they solve this problem? Stay tuned.


[JPN: The Cop Robot]

R.O.B. Deciced to servce Justice by dressing as RoboCop and destroys Wario's Wave of Crime.

The Rise of the Were-Misery

[JPN: Star WereWolf]

Fox discovers that His Arch rival Star Wolf have transformed into a were-wolf, Which make him more powerful than before.


[JPN: The Sneaky plot of Porky]

Gandondorf released Porky from his prison, and causes chaos on Onett. In the end, Ness, Toon Link, and Lucas killed Porky, and Ganondorf scared them off by sending Pedo-Bear during the fight.

Love is in the air, while the sorrow is in the ground(?)

[JPN: Kirby's unusual marriage]

Kirby want to Marry Imp (Jigglypuff don't mind about that.), and Marth talking to him about it's the 2nd time he get to married a person that's not his type this decede! Wario and Waluigi try to ruin it.
The Fasting Koopa! Peter P. and Sonic visited Koopa the Quick and Challenge him at a Race.
Toad's Mad Dog Day! Toad and Charile went to a pet store and realized that the Goombas betrays them, so they babysits Imp for a heck of it. Meanwhiles Bowser turns his goombas army into dog mixed goomba species called "goomdogs"

The Princess is sick! HEEEEEEEELLLLPP!!!!(Part 1 and 2)

[JPN: Daisy Fever]

Daisy having a fever. The only thing that can cure her is the "Fever Potion Magic". (What a weird name.)

Sarcasm anyone?

[JPN: Let travel to the world of Famicom!]

Mario and Co. traveled to the world of NES/Famicom, and then suddenly, they fighting these villains: Draucla, Zoda, and Mr. Sandman!
Marx Returns For Happiness? Mario and Co. Is Now Going To Popstar and then suddenly, Marx returns. This time, he helps Mario and co. make more happiness in popstar by beating Nightmare.
Left For Dead Yoshi Has Been Left For Dead. can yoshi get out of DEAD forest? Or will he get killed? Find out!


[JPN: The last goodbye from my friends. Until later on.]

Yoshi escapes the Dead Forest and heard that Dimentio is attempting to conquer the world, and the one whos behind of the "Left For Dead" episode. So he makes Contrast with Mario, Luigi, Kirby, Peach, Daisy, Pikachu, DK, Diddy Kong, MegaMan, and Samus to fight Dimentio in the Epic final battle.

Season 4(2011-2012)

Episode Name: Description:


[JPN: Yoshi Karate!]

There was a Smash Bros Tournament where the winner is facing the Black Yoshi, which it's the strongest of all Yoshi-kind. Will Yoshi stand the chance?

Koopa Triple Double Trouble! The Koopalings and Bowser Jr. is going to takes Over The Mushroom Kingdom while Bowser is gone again to Help King K. Rool with his eating habits and stuff. Mario, Sonic, Luigi, R.O.B. united to stop the Koopalings from Seizing The Mushroom Kingdom.

The big BIG plan! At least for Diddy Kong.

Diddy Kong got a Mega Mushroom and causes harok on DK Isle.
Wario the money-maker Wario spends all of his money and he is in serious debt and he has to work to get all of his money back or else...

Super-Power of Smash(Part1 and Part2)

Wario gets bit by a radioactive dog and becomes Super WarioMan. Ignoring Toad's lecture telling him "with great power comes great responsibility", Wario uses his new founded powers to get what he wants. He uses his powers to Shoot a laser at the bank, punching people, and trap Luigi in a web. But when the city has had enough of Super WarioMan's antics, they call upon Iron Mario, to get rid of Super WarioMan, with the help of Ness as PSI-Man, Captain Falcon, Kirby as Star Knight, and Link(who appears in his red tunic).
Super-Power of Smash(Part3 and Part 4) Super WarioMan is still fighting Iron Mario, PSI-Man, Capt. Falcon, Star Knight, and Link(who appears in his red tunic). But when the city is about to be in Ruins and More people got pwned, they call upon Luigi, who escape from the web eariler, to becomes Luigi-Dyanmo. But when Super WarioMan is defeated, Waluigi as Waneto appears.
The Medusa Episode Medusa arrives in the Hyrule to take over it, and Link discovers Pit hates Medusa so much. Link is determined to find out why. Link finds out that it's because Medusa is an evil monster that take control over Skyworld and face Pit in her past. He and Link discover Medusa have a new abitily to mind controls people to do her bidding using her singing. Will Link and Pit defeat Medusa befores she enslaved Hyrule?
Mega-Robot? R.O.B. accuses Megaman of not being an actual robot, so Megaman decides to do whatever it takes to prove that he is a robot. In order to do this however, he have to hurt Dr Light. What will he do?
Revenge of the boos (Part1) Luigi accidentally release hundreds of boos from his mansion, and they all plan on taking over the world. The only weapon that can stop them is the poltergust, but it is destroyed. Luigi, Mario, Kirby, Donkey Kong, Link, Diddy Kong, and Megaman have to find Professor E. gadd to get a new poltergust and stop the boos.
Revenge of the boos (Part2) Luigi, Mario, Kirby, Donkey Kong, Link, Diddy Kong, and Megaman find E. gadd. He builds a second poltergust machine, but the boos have teamed up with Bowser's army and taken over the kingdoms. Can they stop the boos?
Good Bye Cruel Under-World. Takamaru, Samus, Mega Man, Toad, Sonic was captured and sentenced to be sented to some strange hellish realm called Under-World, being charged with crimes commited by Ganondorf. Will they escapes from the Under-World?
The Revenge Donkey Kong discovers the ultimate opprotunity to humiliate Bowser. He and Diddy Kong, Mario, Luigi, Toad, Ness, Lucas, and Toon Link decide to take some footage of him while he's satisfying his secret addiction to Princess Peach. They uploads the video onto Youtube and it becomes a semi-viral hit, gaining 70,000 views overnight. Bowser finds out about the sensation and angrily vows to kill the heroes. After collecting a Smash Ball, Giga Bowser rampages through Princess Peach's Castle, and is about to kill Mario. Will they able to stop him before he'll kill them for uploading the video?
Once upon a Toad Toad's girlfriend, Toadette, broke up with him. Although this doesn't bother anyone at first, they soon realized that Toad hasn't been maintaining the stadiums and tournaments because he is very sad. What can the smashers do about this dilemma?
The Mis-Love Marx and Mario plans to make a treaty of peace, but Popo fall madly in love with Medusa because he got shoted by Medusa's Love cursed arrow into his butt.
The Strike of Villains (Part 1) Count Bleck,Dimentio,Ganondorf, Mewtwo, and Dark Meta Knight get Bowser out of prison, and plans a plan to destroy the Smash Bros. It's Up to Mario, Luigi, Toad, Ness, Waluigi, Peach, Link, Imp, Pikachu, Kirby, Ice Climbers, Fox, and Falco to defeat them.
The Strike of Villains (Part 2) With Toad, Nana, and Falco got injuried, The Remaining Smashers have to destroy the villains first before they does. In the end, Bowser burns the Statue and pour gasoline to make a explosion with Dark Meta Knight with it.
The Strike of Villains (Part 3) The Smashers escapes into the cave and Link told the backstories about how He met Dark Meta Knight in the first place, and try to defeat the remaining Villains(Dimentio, Mewtwo, Ganondorf)
The Strike of Villains (Part 4) The Possibly FINAL BATTLE between the Smashers and Dimentio, again.
Donald Duck Vs Sonic Sonic Is Having A Normal Day At Green Hill Zone Then Suddenly, Donald Duck Runs Past Sonic, Then, They Argue About Their TV Shows. Then, After Minutes of Scenes, Amy Comes And Whacks Donald Duck On The Head, Causing Him To Storm Away, and Amy chases him and continues Whacking him for arguing about Sonic.


[JPN: The epic christmas finale! Let the smashers be merry!]

It was christmas special from the Smashers where Luficuir, the evil red devil, attempt to destroy the world and christmas, and it's up to the smashers, good and evil, to save the world in the BIG EPIC CHRISTMAS SPECIAL!!!

Season 5(2013-????)

Episode Name: Description:

The New Era of Smash had arrived!

[The new Smash have been released!]

At the last episode, Master Hand Offically annoced that it was the new era on it's way, with Peter P. and Bob M. still in the old era, while the rest of the smasher is in the new era. Now Peter P. and Bob M. (and Pokemon Trainer) find a way to get to the new era, and there's a new evil around it(Shadow Mario).

Minecraft Trouble Creepers, Zombies, Spiders And Blazes Invade Dreamland! Its Up To Kirby To Stop Them.
The Swordmen's Epic Quest Ganondorf and Vaati stole the triforces, and now It's up to Link to stop them. But Link is not alone, having Marth, Roy, and Ike going along with him.

Scary Monster

[JPN: The Nightmare and the Dark Matter Return?!]

Kirby fears that Nightmare and Dark matter have returned, and need the heroes' help on this one. Will they stop N.M.E. and Dark Matter from taking over?
Mario vs Marios Mario, Metal Mario, Cosmic Mario, and Shadow Mario ready to do battle, who will win?


Besides PSAs, there are some Short stories on these episodes! There they are!:

Yoshi's Eating habits After Seeing Yoshi and Lucas eatting fruits on his front yard, Link got mad and rant about How Yoshis Eats Every Fruits they see. In the end, Yoshi shallows Link, and Link is yelling inside his stomach
What About Luigi Sonic is so upset about Luigi, as He trying to be like Mario and be famous as him. Sonic upsets Luigi as He rant about How He trying to be like Mario so he can beat him in battle. In the end, Luigi got upsets about Sonic's Rant about him, and Sonic Storm off.
Omelets Marth talking Lucas about Omelets. Lucas likes Omelets, but It Disturbs Marth either way.
Princess is in another Castle Mario clears World 1-4, and then rant about where Peach is, but Toad keep saying that Princess is in another castle.
Pokeballs Marth, Link, and Roy is fighting for the Pokeball but It's not gonna end well.
LOOK WHAT YOU DID! Toon Link, Ness, Lucas, Kirby is talking about some fan fics on the internet, but Lucas said that He like Claus, and then Claus CAME OUT OF NOWHERE Unleashed his fury about What he said.
Falling Skies Lucas over-reacting about the Sky is falling. But It's turns out It's a apple, but in the end, The Sky IS falling! On Smashville!
I'm NOT THAT Green YOU MAGGOTS! King Dedede and Bowser watching some episodes of Super Mario Bros Super Show, and Dedede and Bowser ranting about how they make him green!
Characters Tryouts Mario and R.O.B. is on a host to see which characters will try out in the future episodes.
Smash Kart The Smash Cast have a kart racing course they racing and try to win a trohpy.

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