It's the eighth episode of The Super Smash Bros. Super Show!

I'm getting way too old for this.

TV Description: In the first episode of the Super Smash Bros. Super Show in months, something will actually happen!

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(Open at the Nintendo Palace, where a shy guy walks in through the doorway. He's greeted by a deep, hoarse voice.)

Voice: My minion! It's so nice to see that you're back! So tell me, did our adventurers get ahold of the map your planted?

Shy Guy: Well...they did...but the fox boy kind of destroyed it.

Voice: WHAT? (pauses) No problem. I just thought of another way to bring them here!

(The owner of the mysterious voice throws a stick of TNT into the shy guy's mask then kicks him out of the palace. The ensuing explosion wakes up Mario, Sonic, Mega Man, and the other video game characters as they sleep in the woods.)

Mega Man: What was that?

(Mario sits up and notices the billowing smoke from the explosion.)

Mario: (drowsily) Hey look, another campfire.

Mega Man: I don't think that's a campfire, Mario.

(Mega Man uses his cool robot powers to zoom in on the source of the explosion.)

Mega Man: There's something back there...I'm not sure what it is...but I think it's what the map was leading to!

Sonic: That's wonderful! Let's celebrate by going back to sleep!

Mega Man: No! Don't you guys get it? We could finally figure out what brought us here and how to get back! We've gotta start moving while the trail is still hot!

Link: (yawns) Yeah, I guess you're right. Come on, guys. The cloud of smoke won't be there forever.

(Cut to the swamp where Luigi is at.)

Luigi: Where did that explosion come from? Oh, no! My friends could be in danger! I can't just sit here!

(Luigi jumps right into the field of poppy flowers and immediately passes out.)

(Cut to a meadow right outside the woods. As the gang walks into the meadow, Tails begins to look worried.)

Tails: I feel like I've been here before...but I can't put my finger on it.

Mario: There's no time for putting your finger on stuff, Tails! We have answers to find!

Tails: Oh, I remember now! This is where I was right before I got attacked by those...

(Suddenly, a swarm of wasps flies out of a tree.)

Everyone: Wasps!

(Link takes out his sword and starts cutting the wasps in two. He jumps onto Sonic's back, and with the added speed, he is able to take out the entire swarm within seconds.)

Mario: That was a close one!

Sonic: (drops Link) I'll say! I almost got wasp guts on my state-of-the-art fur!

Tails: Man, I wish I had you two around when those wasps were stinging me to death!

Link: Yeah, yeah. Let's just move on.

(The gang keeps walking until they find themselves at a wooden bridge.)

Link: Mario, you can go through the bridge first to make sure it's sturdy.

Mario: And what if it isn't sturdy?

Link: Then you'll probably fall to your doom.

Mario: That's encouraging!

Link: Alright, now go! We don't have time to spare!

Mario: Why don't you go through it, bossy boots?

Link: Didn't you just see how I saved your butts back there? You can't afford losing me!

Mario: I can't afford losing me, either! I have a home, a family, a

(Link pushes Mario onto the bridge, and he begrudgingly walks the rest of the way through.)

Mario: It's safe!

(After everyone else walks through the bridge, Mario whacks Link with his hammer.)

Link: Ow! What was that for?

Mario: Being a jerkface!

Link: (takes out his sword) I've had it up to here with you!

Mario: Come at me, bro! Come at me!

Mega Man: Are you guys seriously going to fight while we're this close to reaching our destination?

Mario and Link: He started it!

Mega Man: Well, I'm ending it! We all have responsibilities, and we all have a tough journey ahead! You two aren't making this trip any better, so for the love of Capcom, would you just stop it?

Mario and Link: Yeah, whatever. This isn't over, though!

Sonic: Guys, look!

(Sonic goes to a nearby bush and takes out a charred shy guy mask.)

(Cut to the Nintendo Palace. The voice from the beginning of the episode watches the gang from a large screen.)

Voice: Perfect...perfect!

(The voice laughs maniacally, coughs, makes sucking sounds from an inhaler, then resumes laughing.)


Written by: JCM


Coming soon!

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