It's the sixth episode of The Super Smash Bros. Super Show!

And it's pretty much filler in every sense of the word.

TV Description: Let's see what's going on at the Mushroom Kingdom.

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(Open at Princess Peach's castle. Bowser looks out the window impatiently.)

Bowser: He's still not here! It's been five hours since I set off that alarm, and that fat plumber's still not here!

Princess Zelda: (walks up) Excuse me, sir. Do you know where I am?

Bowser: (jumps) Whoa! How did you get into Princess Peach's castle?

Princess Zelda: There's another princess here? Please lead me to her so I can tell her of my plight,

Bowser: Sure. She's right over there. (points)

Princess Zelda: Right over where?

Bowser: (turns around) Oh, no! She esacped!

Princess Zelda: You were holding her hostage?

Bowser: Yeah. It's what I do.

Princess Zelda: (chuckles) I know a guy back home who you'd really get along with.

Bowser: Really? Sorry I can't set up a meeting with him, but I'm extremely busy these days. Koopas, take the big-eared girl and throw her into the moat!

(Two Koopas walk into the room, grab each of Zelda's arms, and walk out.)

Princess Zelda: No! You can't do this to me! Robin Williams named one of his daughters after me!

Bowser: So, what should I do now? Mario seems to be a no-show, and Peach wouldn't dare come back without his protection.

(Bowser looks around the castle for a few seconds and then smiles.)

Bowser: Looks like I'm the new king of Mushroom Kingdom!

(Cut to Yoshi's House. Toad runs up to the door and knocks hurriedly.)

Yoshi: (from inside) Yoshi will be there in one second!

(Yoshi opens the door and lets Toad in.)

Toad: Yoshi! We need your help! Bowser's taking over Mushroom Kingdom!

Yoshi: What happened to the men with the mustaches?

Toad: Mario and Luigi? We don't know what happened to them. They're just...gone.

Yoshi: (angry) Gone? Those two owe me money!

Toad: You can worry about that later! We need you to help us stop Bowser!

Yoshi: Okay. Yoshi help.

(Cut to Princess Peach's castle. Toad, sitting triumphantly on Yoshi's back, hops up to the Goomba that guards the castle door.)

Toad: Let us in, you strange brown goblin!

Goomba: Sorry. The king isn't allowing visitors.

Toad: We weren't asking for your permission! Yoshi?

(Yoshi extends his tongue, swallows the Goomba, and lays an egg. He then kicks down the door to the castle and hops in.)

Toad: Bowser! Come out from where you're hiding and fight us!

(A toilet flushes in the restroom, and Bowser walks out.)

Bowser: Who said I was hiding?

Toad: Did you wash your hands?

Bowser: What, are we supposed to do that?

Yoshi: Yoshi getting bored of silly dialogue. Yoshi want to see action.

Bowser: What's with the dinosaur that wears shoes and speaks in the third person?

Toad: Yoshi is my trusty steed...and weapon...and companion. Now fight fight us, you big fat monster!

Bowser: Wow. If I had feelings, you would have really hurt them. Anyway, before I eat you, I need to fire my guard.

(Bowser walks out of the castle and smashes the egg holding Goomba.)

Goomba: (shaking) I've seen things...terrible things.

(Bowser rolls his eyes and walks back into the castle.)

Bowser: What in the name of Godzilla did you do to him?

Toad: This! Yoshi?

(Yoshi extends his tongue but struggles to get Bowser into his mouth.)

Bowser: (pulls Yoshi's tongue off) Wow, that's gross. I'm gonna make both of you suffer twice as bad for that. Hi-yah!

(Bowser punches Toad, causing him to fly off Yoshi's back and into a nearby wall.)

Toad: Give him heck, Yoshi! (groans)

(Yoshi slaps Bowser with his tail, stunning the great beast. Before Bowser can retaliate, Yoshi does a roundhouse kick that sends him to the ground. Yoshi then uses his hind feet to kick Bowser into the wall, where he lays unconscious right under Toad.)

Yoshi: Yoshi win fight! Yoshi new king!

(Cut to a shot of Yoshi on the princess' throne with a crown on his head.)

Yoshi: Yoshi happy. Yoshi hungry. Wonder if they serve egg for breakfast.


Written by: JCM


Coming soon!

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