It's the fifth episode of The Super Smash Bros. Super Show!

And it came about 20 hours late! Yeah!

TV Description: The gang finds an abandoned kitten-like creature with an electrifying personality.</bad pun>

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(Open as Mario, Sonic, Tails, and Link walk into the arena and look around.)

Link: Hello? Anybody here?

Tails: We come in peace!

Mario: (turns around) Well, it seems like there's nobody he-

Voice: Pika!

Sonic: Did anybody hear that? I think it said "chica". That's Spanish, isn't it? You're Spanish, right, Mario?

Mario: No. I'm Italian.

Sonic: Really? Oh well, I was close enough.

Mario: No, you weren't! We're two different countries! Do you think a Frenchman is the same as a Brit?

Voice: Pika!

Mario: Oh, there it is again! Will somebody check it out?

Sonic: Why don't you check it out, amigo?

Mario: (rolls eyes) Fine. I'll check it out! Where was that voice coming from? That bush over there? All right.

(Mario walks to the bush, pushes open the branches, and discovers Pikachu staring directly at him.)

Mario: Aw, look. It's a little kitty ca-

(Pikachu releases a burst of static electricity, frying Mario on the spot.)

Mario: (coughs out ashes) Mamma mia. (faints)

Link: Hey, that's my friend!

(Link takes out an arrow and aims it at Pikachu. Pikachu jumps onto the arrow as it flies towards him. He then bounces off and lands on Link's face, which he proceeds to scratch furiously.)

Link: Ow! Get it off! Get it off!

(Tails pulls Pikachu off Link's face and kicks him back into the bushes. Sonic picks a burnt Mario up and drops him onto the middle of the arena.)

Sonic: Do you think he'll be okay, guys?

(Link wipes his bleeding face with a towel, walks up to Mario, and feels his pulse.)

Link: Yeah, I think he will.

Sonic: Thank goodness. I wonder what that little cat's problem was, anyway.

(They watch as Pikachu runs off into the forest.)

Link: It was probably scared, lost like the rest of us. We shouldn't have provoked it.

Sonic: Yeah, I guess you're right. What should we do now?

Link: Sit here and wait for Mario to recover.

(5 minutes later.)

Sonic: Has he recovered yet?

Link: (sighs) No.

Sonic: Man, he only has sixth degree burns! Why is he taking so long to recover?

Link: Do you know anything about the healing process?

Sonic: You can't answer a question with a question!

Tails: Guys, look!

(Pikachu walks slowly out of the bushes with a satchel on his back. Once he gets to the group, he drops the satchel at their feet and nudges it open.)

Tails: There's a bottle of water inside.

(Tails takes out the bottle and carefully puts it between Mario's lips. A few seconds later, Mario opens his eyes.)

Mario: (coughs weakly) Tails?

Tails: Mario! You're awake! (hugs bottle)

Mario: Yeah, I guess I am. Could I get some more of that water?

Tails: Oh, here! (gives him the bottle)

Pikachu: Pika, pika.

(Mario shakes in fear as Pikachu licks his hand and purrs.)

(Cut to the writers' room.)

Writer 1: Are you sure that's characteristic of Pikachu?

Writer 2: I don't know! I haven't watched the show in years!

(Cut back.)

Link: (kneels beside Pikachu) Listen, chap. We know it's hard to roam around in this unfamiliar territory, but we'll make sure you get back to whoever's missing you back home. That sound good?

(Pikachu nods and crawls to his satchel. He pulls out a picture of a boy in a red cap, smiles, and pushes it back in.)

Sonic: Alright, I'm loving all these sentimental moments, but we have places to go and answers to find! Come on, Mario! Let's explora!

Mario: For the last time, I'm NOT FREAKING SPANISH!


Written by: JCM


Coming soon!

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