It's the fourth episode of The Super Smash Bros. Super Show!

It was also Fantendo's 11,800th page!

That means something, right?

TV Description: Ganon discovers a mysterious switch-up, and Link joins Mario and the gang on their quest.

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(Open at the Hyrule Temple. Link and Ganon are engaged in an epic battle under the temple's arches.)

Link: (swings his sword) You will never defeat me, Ganon!

Ganon: (growls) Wanna bet?

(Ganon punches Link with a force so powerful that the young warrior is sent tumbling over the edge of the floating island.)

Link: (looks down at the 500 foot fall) Well, what do you know? He defeated me.

Ganon: Link? (pauses) Yes! I won! Henchman! Come out here and bring me my prize!

(Ganon's henchman walks out of the temple with a bound and gagged Princess Peach.)

Ganon: What the diddly? That's not Princess Zelda! Where's Princess Zelda?

Henchman: (sweating) I-I don't know, sir! I went into your dungeon and this is who I found in her cell!


Henchman: I know, sir! Please don't eat my face!

(After eating his henchman's face, Ganon grabs Princess Peach and rips the tape from her mouth.)

Princess Peach: Ouch!

Ganon: Tell me who you are!

Princess Peach: (gags) Could you brush your teeth first?

Ganon: I am a terrifying monster! Terrifying monsters don't brush their teeth! Now tell me who you are!

Princess Peach: I'm Peach Toadstool, princess of Mushroom Kingdom!

Ganon: Mushroom Kingdom? That's the stupidest thing I ever heard!

Princess Peach: Even more stupid than the name of the Wii?

Ganon: Well, maybe not that stupid. Nevertheless, since you're a princess, you're valuable to someone, and for that reason, I'll hold you here until that someone comes up to fight me!

Princess Peach: Do I have to go back to the dungeon? It's pretty damp in there.

Ganon: (sighs) I guess not. Now that my henchman is faceless, I'll need someone else to talk to, anyway.

Henchman: (muffled) Fine. Just forget about me.

(Cut to the swamp from that last episode. Mario and Link are sitting on a log and eating berries.)

Link: So, where did you say we were going?

Mario: I actually have no idea. I just figured something important would happen by now.

(A rocket ship crashes in front of them.)

Mario: Hey look, a rocket ship.

(The rocket ship's door opens and Sonic, Luigi and Tails walk out.)

Mario: Hey, guys! You found Tails!

Sonic: (scratches head) Yeah, we apparently did. The last thing I remember, though, is passing out in a field of poppy flowers.

Luigi: Me too.

Tails: The last thing I remember is getting caught in a swarm of wasps and getting stung to the point of unconciousness.

Luigi: That's a lot more exciting than what happened to us!

Sonic: Yeah, no fair!

Tails: (rolls eyes) How did we get on this rocket ship, anyway?

Luigi: Who knows? Who cares? And who's that guy you're with, Mario? Were you already thinking of replacing me?

Mario: No, Luigi. If I could replace you, I would have done so a while ago. This is Link. He's stuck here just like the rest of us. And here's the stinger...

(Tails groans.)

Mario: Link also has a princess to save in his homeland of Hyrule. He told me that sometime during the three-month hiatus.

Luigi: That's great! Maybe we can save princesses together!

Mario: Wonderful idea, Luigi!

Luigi: But I was being sarca-

Mario: What do you think, other green guy?

Link: Yeah, I'm up for it.

Mario: Sweet! With my smarts, Sonic's speed, Tail's aerial skills, and Link's cool factor, we'll be an unstoppable team!

Luigi: You forgot to mention m-

Mario: We'll be an unstoppable team! Let's go to the arena, and this time, let's do it together! Tails, can you take us over those dratted poppy flowers?

Tails: You betcha!

(Mario holds onto Tails' legs, and Tails carries him over the poppy field. He flies back and does the same for Sonic and Link, and then he walks with them to the arena.)

Luigi: You're coming back for me, right? Tails?

(A poison ivy bush wraps Luigi in its vines.)

Luigi: He's not coming back, is he?


Written by: JCM


Title slide: Triforce (Legend of Zelda)

Episode: Hyrule Temple (SSBM)

Credits: Save-Continue-Retry (Legend of Zelda)

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