It's the third episode of The Super Smash Bros. Super Show!

And I've run out of jokes.

TV Description: Tails has been kidnapped, and it's up to the gang to retrieve him. Will they fail? Of course! How will they fail? Stay tuned to find out!

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(Open at a Planet Kyotese swamp.)

Mario: Tails?

Sonic: Buddy?

Luigi: Isn't it strange how this place has a desert, a beach, and a swamp?

Mario: That is strange, actually.

Sonic: Is this really a good time to be making thought-provoking observations?

Luigi: It's always a good time to make thought-provoking observations!

Sonic: My best friend could be in serious trouble right now! Let's just postpone this discussion for later.

Luigi: But we might forget!

Mega Man: I am a robot. I can just record the subject in my memory.

Mario: Would you do that for us?

Mega Man: Of course! This Tails fellow obviously means a lot to you...

Mario: He doesn't really mean that much to me.

Luigi: Me neither.

Mega Man: I'll do whatever I can to keep this search party going smoothly.

Sonic: Hey, what's that?

(Sonic points to a large arena in the distance.)

Sonic: There might be other people here.

Luigi: And these people are apparently into sports. Oh, no! What if the natives capture us and force us to fight to the death?

Sonic: You can't capture me because I'm freaking Sonic. I don't know about you guys.

Mega Man: I can't die because I'm freaking Rockman.

Mario: Mega Man.

Mega Man: Shut up.

Luigi: I can't fight because I'm freaking Luigi.

Sonic: He has a good point there.

Mega Man: Definitely.

Mario: But I can get captured, I can die, and I can fight! This is terrible!

Sonic: Not for us. Come on, guys. Let's go fox hunting!

(Sonic, Mega Man, and Luigi trek towards the arena. Mario just sits in the swamp.)

Mario: Well, this is an unfortunate turn of events.

Poison ivy bush: I know, right?

(The poison ivy bush wraps Mario in its vines before he can run away.)

Mario: I am not enjoying my life right now.

(Sonic, Mega Man, and Luigi are walking through fields of poppy flowers on their way to the arena.)

Luigi: Say, don't poppy flowers make people fall asleep?

(Sonic and Luigi pass out right then. Mega Man shakes his head.)

Mega Man: Humans and their neurological patterns.

(Mega Man turns his feet into rockets and flies away.)

(Cut to a laboratory. Sonic and Luigi wake up and find themselves strapped to tables.)

Luigi: Oh, no! We're going to be dissected by aliens!

Sonic: That's not good. There's stuff inside my body that I don't want anybody seeing.

Luigi: (pauses) Like what?

Voice: Oh, you're awake.

(Sonic and Luigi raise their heads and pass out again when they see the owner of the voice.)

(Cut to the swamp. Mario, swollen to ridiculous proportions by poison ivy, sighs dejectedly in the restraining vines.)

Mario: (muffled) The plants here really seem to love me.

(Suddenly, the vines are cut in half by a sword. Mario falls to the feet of none other than young Link.)

Mario: Oh, darn. I thought I was really going to die this time.

Poison ivy bush: Hey! I called him first.

(The bush attempts to attack Link with new vines, but he blocks them with his shield while using his sword to slice the bush off its roots.)

Mario: Wow, you look just like my brother! Only taller. And cooler. And bigger-eared. What do you call yourself?

Link: I call myself...Link.

Mario: That name's way more bland than I expected. Well, goodbye. (walks further into the swamp then stops) Actually, come with me. Swamps like these are probably loaded with evil plants.


Written by: JCM


Title slide: Hammer music (Super Smash Bros. Melee)

Episode and credits: Break the Targets

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