It's the episode after the first episode of The Super Smash Bros. Super Show!

So that makes it, like, the second episode! 120px-Btc_the_more_you_know.jpg

TV Description: The heroes finds themselves stranded in a desert, and Mario gets assistance from an unlikely newcomer. (Two-Parter)

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Part One

(Open at Nowhere. Mario, Luigi, Sonic and Tails find themselves in the middle of it.)

Luigi: Has anyone ever noticed how strange it is that Nowhere is always a desert? it's extremely peculiar. Out of all the nowheres in the entire nowheresphere, you're always seeing the dry, barren, Texas nowhere.

Mario: Is that really the only thing on your mind right now?

Sonic: He does bring up a good point. Nowhere could have been a white vacuum of nothingness or the direction of Nicolas Cage's career.

Mario: Instead of wasting precious energy debating about why we're in a desert, we should be focusing on the fact that we're in a desert and we're going to die of thirst!

Tails: We're going to die of thirst? PANIC ATTACK PANIC ATTACK PANIC ATTACK!

Mario: Stop drooling on me, you freak!

Sonic: Don't call my pal a freak! You just upset him with your talk of dying. We're not going to die, Tails. The good guys never die. Come on. I know what'll ease ya.

(Sonic gives Tails a piggyback ride around the planet.)

Tails: Wow! That was fun!

Mario: You ran around the planet in twenty seconds?

Sonic: Yeah. We would've gotten back sooner, but we stopped for sushi.

Luigi: Sushi? Did you get any for us?

Sonic: What do I look like? A charity? Buy your own food!

Luigi: We're in the middle of Nowhere! How do you expect us to

Sonic: (interrupting) Look! My Rocketrunner shoes are gone! This is terrible!

Mario: Oh, do your shoes give you your super speed?

Sonic: Of course not! It's just that I'm paid big bucks by Rocketrunner to wear them in the show.

Luigi: What? I'm not even paid to appear in the show!

Sonic: That's because no one likes you. Now, come on. We have to look for my shoes before Rocketrunner becomes the wiser.

Luigi: There's no way I'm going to- (grabbed by Sonic) AAAH!

(As Sonic takes off with Luigi, Mario and Tails trek through Nowhere.)

Mario: So...thirsty.

Tails: It's a good thing they had bottled water at that sushi joint! (takes out bottled water and drinks from it)

Mario: What? You were willing to let me die of thirst?

Tails: We're not going to die. We're the good guys!

Mario: Give me that bottled water, you!

(Mario attempts to rip the bottled water out of Tails' hand, but the ensuing struggle leads to it breaking in half.)

Mario: No!

(Mario sticks his head into the water spill, but he comes up with only a mouthful of mud.)

Mario: (swallows mud) Well, that wasn't delightful. I hope you're feeling good about yourself, you little monster.

Tails: Speaking of monsters, what's that? (points)

Mario: What's what?

(Mario turns around and screams like a little girl as a giant cactus octopus thing entangles him in its web of forestry.)

Mario: Help me! This monster has sharp stuff on him!

Tails: Don't worry! You'll be fine! You're one of the good guys!

Mario: Being a good guy doesn't make you immortal! Sonic only told you that to get you to calm down!

Tails: (shocked) What? PANIC ATTACK PANIC ATTACK PANIC ATTACK! (runs off)

Mario: Where are you going? I'm bleeding to death here! Oh... (passes out)

(Suddenly, Mega Man drops into the scene.)

Mega Man: Is this where they're doing the Marvel vs. Capcom Super Show?

Giant cactus octopus thing: No, that's the studio down the hall.

Mega Man: Okay, thanks. Hey, what are you doing with that plumber?

Giant cactus octopus thing: Just draining him of his life force to make him my eternal companion. Why?

Mega Man: That's not a very nice thing to do!

Giant cactus octopus thing: You raise a valid argument. I'll release him.

(The giant cactus octopus thing drops Mario into Mega Man's hands and drops a cup of water in after him.)

Giant cactus octopus thing: Here's a little treat to make up for it.

Mega Man: Thanks! It was nice talking you, Mr. thing.

Giant cactus octopus thing: You can call me Giant. Ta-ta! (sinks into the ground)

Mega Man: (nudges Mario) Hey, are you all right?

(Mega Man pours the cup of water on Mario, startling him to consciousness.)

Mario: I'm...alive? How? (looks up) Mega Man?

Part Two

(Open as Sonic and Luigi wander a white vacuum of nothingness.)

Luigi: We're in one of those Nowheres I mentioned!

Sonic: Actually, we're in a Progressive commercial.

Luigi: What?

Sonic: An unattractive lady and a contextually pointless man tried to sell me car insurance here a few months ago. I don't need cars because I'm freaking Sonic, but they seemed like the kind of people who would know where my shoes are.

Luigi: That doesn't seem likely at all.

Sonic: Or does it?

Luigi: No, I'm pretty sure it doesn't.

Sonic: Well, we should check with them, anyway. But first we need to find those aisles.

Luigi: Aisles of what? It's a car insurance commercial.

Sonic: Since when are car insurance commercials actually about car insurance, Luigi?

Luigi: Good point. Where would we find these aisles?

Sonic: I don't know. They could be anywhere in this blank void. Either a miracle or great stroke of luck will lead us to

Luigi: There they are!

Sonic: What a contrived coincidence! Let us enter, my green-shirted companion!

Luigi: Why are you talking like that?

(Sonic and Luigi walk into the aisles. Suddenly, we're at a beach house where Mega Man is drinking oil and Mario is drinking a non-alcoholic beverage from a martini glass.)

Mario: This non-alcoholic beverage is delicious, Mega Man. What do you make it from?

Mega Man: A lot of things, but most definitely not alcohol, because alcohol is a dangerous drug!

Mario: I can affirm that sentiment!

(Mario and Mega Man laugh at something apparently funny that happened.)

Mario: So, Mega Man, where have you been all these years?

Mega Man: Um, Mario...

Mario: Yeah?

Mega Man: My name's not Mega Man anymore.

Mario: What?

Mega Man: I changed it back to my given name, Rockman, in protest of the gross Americanization of Japanese culture.

Mario: I don't understand several of the words you just said.

Rockman: Well, don't worry. I'll try to break it down to you and our audience in the simplest way possible.

Mario: Wow! Look at how your name just changed like that!

Rockman: Why do I feel like I'm being ignored?

Hello Kitty: Hey, Mega Man! It's me! Hello Kitty!

Rockman: Mario, don't do that. You're going to confuse people.

Goku: Guess who I am now? KAME...HAME...HA!

Rockman: Dang it, Mario! I'm trying to inform you of a pressing matter affecting all of us!

Bo-bobobobo Bo-bobobo: Did I get the amount of "bo"s right?

Rockman: No! Now stop interfering with the script. This is serious business.

Mario: (sad) Okay.

Rockman: Good. Because I have so many things I want to tell this ignorant world!

(Sonic and Luigi walk into the beach house.)

Rockman: Where did you two come from?

Luigi: Hey, bro. Who's the robot?

Mario: He's my old friend Mega Man.

Rockman: Rockman, goshdarnit!

Mario: I wonder where Tails is.

Luigi: He's not here? We should go on a cross-country adventure to find our missing friend! Coming, blue guy?

Sonic: You betcha! Now that I have my shoes through unexplained circumstances, I'm ready to do anything!

Luigi: Coming, other blue guy?

Mega Man: (groans) Why not? It's not like I have anywhere else I need to be.

(Cut to The Mavel vs. Capcom Super Show!)

Spiderman: You may have me trapped, Dr. Doom, but you never took into account my secret weapon. Enter Mega Man! (pauses) Mega Man?

(Dr. Doom destroys Spiderman.)


Written by: JCM


Title slide: Mega Man 1 chosen theme

Part 1 music: Mega Man II title music

Part 2 music: Super Smash Bros. winner music

Credits: Mega Man II: Dr. Wily Stage 1 (Rock Band Arrangement)

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