The SSB Show Episode 9
This is the ninth episode of The Super Smash Bros. Show.

TV Description: When the Falco and the Kongs are about to catch the banana thieves, they run into an unlikely duo.



Narrator: "Now, as we return to The Super Smash Bros. Show, we join Falco and the Kongs in their journey to find their bananas."

Falco: "Again, I'm sorry I stopped you two from getting your bananas back. How many times are you going to make me apologize?"

Diddy Kong: "Ho ho."

Falco: "I wish I could speak monkey. I can't understand a thing they are saying, and I need someone to talk to. Wait. What was that noise?"

(The three look around, until they here the noise again. It sounded like rustling leaves. They turn around to see a bush shaking. A Game & Watch jumped out of the bush, and started to run.)

Falco: "After him!"

Donkey Kong: "Oh ho!"

(The three started to chase after him. But they came to some crossroads, and bumped into Meta Knight & Marth. The Game & Watch got ahead, so they could no longer see him.)

Falco: "Hey! Watch where you two are going!"

Marth: "Sorry. Just, we were being chased."

Falco: "By who?"

Meta Knight: "By some Wolf and silhouettes that captures us."

Falco: "Wolf? Did he, by any chance, wear pants, a cool-looking jaket, some boots, and hev claws?"

Meta Knight: "Yes."

Marth: "He also had some eye gear, for like dome kind of spy."

Falco: "That was Wolf O'Donnell. Can you please take us to him?"

Marth & Meta Knight: "Yes." "No!"

Marth: "Why not?"

Meta Knight: "Because they are looking for us, they want to sacrifice us, and you need to return to your kingdom."

Marth: "Do you even know where it is?"

Meta Knight: "Uhhhhhhhhh..."

Marth: "You don't, do you? I'm cheking my map right now to see where it is. Aha! we wer supposed to turn left at their little camp. So if we have to bring me back home, let's help them on the way."

Meta Knight: "Fine."

Falco: "Yes! Now show us the way!"

Meta Knight: "You don't have to command us."

Marth: "You don't have to be rude!"

(They bring them back to the camp. On their way, they fight a few Game & Watches.)

Marth: "Well, there it is."

Meta Knight: "Are you sure you want to do this?"

Falco: "Yes. I have to defeat Wolf, and I'm helping my new friends get their stuff back"

Marth: "What did they take from them?"

Falco: "Their bananas."

Meta Knight: "Of course. Well, good luck!"

Falco: "Thanks!"

Marth: "And may the force be with you."

Meta Knight: "Knock it off!"

Marth: "Ok, ok. Bye!"

Falco: "Bye!"

Narrator: "What will happen next? Will the Kongs get their bananas back? Will Falco defeat Wolf? Find out next time on The Super Smash Bros. Show! Bye guys!"

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