The SSB Show Episode 8
The eighth episode of The Super Smash Bros. Show, where Marth takes one for the team.

TV Description: As the Halberd takes a big fall into the jungle, Meta Knight & Marth become friends, and overcome great obstacles.



Narrator: "We now return to the Super Smash Bros. Show. Meta Knight and Marth are falling to their doom, and they black out inside the Halberd. The wake up to find a great surprise."

Marth: "Owwwww. Who turned out the lights? Hu?"

Meta Knight: "I was wondering when you would've awakened."

Marth: "What are you doing here? Why did you attack my kingdom? Why..."

Meta Knight: "I don't know! It seemed like I was trapped in a world of darkness. I didn't know how I got there. Or why. But then I saw a light. A beautiful and colorful light. I got to it, and here I was."

Marth: "That sounds unbelievable."

Meta Knight: "But it is. I actually saw the light a few seconds before you woke up. It flashed up three times now. There it is again!"

(Marth looks up to see a rainbow light inside the mountain.)

Marth: "Get it!"

Meta Knight: "I'm right behind you!"

(The two started to climb up the mountain, but it disappeared before they got anywhere.)

Marth: "All we have to do is wait until it comes back. If it lit up four times already, I'm pretty sure it is going to glow again."

(Time passes, they sit there, looking up at the side of the mountain. The sun starts to go down, and the moon starts to go up. They can here some wolves howling in the night.)

Marth: "This is ridicules! It's never going to light up again! I'm going to find Ike and get home."

Meta Knight: "Wait. I'm going with you."

Marth: "Why weren't you evil or something like that?"

Meta Knight: "I didn't mean to attack your kingdom! And besides, it wouldn't be safe to travel through the jungle during the middle of the night."

Marth: "The sun set one hour ago."

Meta Knight: "Ignore that! Now, I'm going with you, like it or not!"

Marth: "Ok. I guess a little company couldn't hurt."

(They start to travel through the jungle. Soon, they see a little space-thingy on the ground.)

Marth: "What do you think that is?"

Meta Knight: "I don't know, but I'm going in."

Marth: "Wait!"

(Meta Knight started walking towards it, and Marth sneaked over to him. By then, Meta Knight was walking in.)

Marth: "You don't know what's in there!"

Meta Knight: "I don't care. I'm going in, now good day to you, sir!"

Marth: "Fine! If you get into any trouble, I'm not helping you."

Meta Knight: "I wouldn't need it anyways."

(Time passes, and it's been a while since Meta Knight went in.)

Marth: "What's taking him so long? I'm going in to see what's happening."

(He walks in to see himself surrounded by Game & Watches. Wolf walks up holding Meta Knight's cape and sword.)

Wolf: "Game over! Ha ha ha ha ha!"

(They throw Marth into a prison cell, weaponless, where he finds Meta Knight. The next day, Marth and Meta Knight are in cages, being brought to the Golden Temple."

Marth: "You ready?"

Meta Knight: "Ready as I'll ever be."

Wolf: "Master Hand, to help free you I've brought two  strong souls for you to eat. To help you become stronger! Boys, throw them in!"

Marth: "Now!"

(As the Game & Watches are about to throw them in, Marth & Meta Knight bang against their cages, falling out of their hands. They roll over to the ship-thingy, where the cages snap. They jump out, and run inside.)

Wolf: "Get them!"

Marth: "Wher are our weapons?"

Meta Knight: "I don't know!"

Marth: "In here!"

(They run into a random room, find and grab their weapons, run out, and fight out. They get out, and run away. Wolf comes out, and watches them run away.)

Wolf: "Until next time, boys."

Narrator: "Where are they going? Are they in the same jungle as Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong and Falco? What was that mysterious flashing light? Tune in next time to find out!"

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