The SSB Show Episode 7
This is the sventh episode of The Super Smash Bros. Show.

TV Description:The gang accepts Master Hand's challange, and goes their seprate ways to reach the Smash Ball of Legend.



Narrator: "We're back to our maze full of excitement! Adventure! And a bunch of other adjectives! As we hang of the cliff of last time..."

Mario: "Well, I guess there's no going back now."

Kirby: "Make go BOOM!"

Master Hand: "You shall not pass!"

Fox: "Hu? I don't get it."

Ike: "Fox! Watch out!"

Master Hand: "I have created a little test. To see if you are the heroes I was looking for."

Narrator: "...Where Master Hand gave them a great challenge. I will now continue."

Fox: "What kind of challenge? Tell me! I must know!"

Master Hand: "You will find out as you head down a tunnel."

Ike: "Together?"

Master Hand: "No. You will each go down into a separate tunnel."

Kirby: "K, k!"

(Kirby heads down the tunnel on the far right. Fox goes in the one next to that, and Ike goes in to the one on the far left. Mario stays behind, looking at the tunnels.)

Master Hand: "Does something bother you, little one?"

Mario: "It's jut that, I don't think I'll see my brother or my girlfriend ever again. I'm worried about them. Are the ok?"

Master Hand: "I promise, you will see your loved ones again. No matter what it takes. Now go on. Find your prize at the end. Pretend it's them."

Mario: "Ok, then! I'm off!"

(Mario runs down the last tunnel, exited, as Master Hand watches.)

Master Hand: "Good luck."

(Kirby is wandering down the tunnel, thinking about his friends. He then thinks about how he hasen't known them that long, and that they might not think of him as a friend. He then sees a girlfrined, on a hill, smiling, and telling him to come.)

Kirby: "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

???: "Kirby. Come here and play with me. It'll just be for a quick sec."

Kirby: "What 'bout friends?"

???: "I'm your friend, Kirby. Now come on!"

Kirby: "What 'bout Mario? Fox? Knight-Guy?"

???: "They don't like you. I'm your real friend. Come on. Just  one, smal, picnic, then one can get back to them."

Kirby: "What if world end?"

???: "Then we'll die togther. Don't you wan't to be with me?"

Kirby: "Ehhh."

(Kirby thinks it won't be bad if he plays for a little while. But what if the world needs him? What if it ends while he's eating? Kirby then has his answer.)

Kirby: "No."

(Kirby walks on, and the image of a hill and picnic turns into dust.)

???: "Drat!"

(Kirby gets to the end, to find himself. The fight, and Kirby gets the Smash Ball. He uses it, and cooks the other Kirby. Time then starts to slow, with the scene getting darker, and darker, and darker, until it's black. The scene chanes to where Fox is heading down the tunnel, and starts thinking about Wolf O'Donnell.)

???: "Oh, I'm causing lot's of trouble. So much, you can't even begin think of what I'm doing!"

Fox: "I need to get to the end of this tunnel! So I can get rid of Wolf!"

???: "Oh, I'm not at the end. I'm right behind you!"

(Fox turns around to see some of space, and Wolf is onboard the Great Fox. Fox then gets angry, as Wolf laughs/howels.)

Fox: "You'll never get away with this!"

???: "Oh, am I? You can either stop me, or stop the destruction of the world. But either way, something is going to be destroyed. So what's it going to be? Me, or the World?"

Fox: "I, I..."

???: "Face it. You'r just a weakling. A puny, little, fox-boy!"

Fox: "I'M NOT PUNY!"

???: "Then what's it going to be?"

Fox: "I'll leave you to Falco, you STUPID HEAD!"

???: "Dang!"

(Wolf turns into dust, as Fox walks away. He gets to the end, and sees himself. They fight, Fox gets the Smash Ball, and defeats himself. The scene changes to where Ike is wlking through the tunnel. He's think of his kingdom. He then looks behind, and sees it under attack.)

Ike: "No! Wait. Master Hand could just be playing with my mind. So this is too easy."

(Ike walks away, and his kingdom disolves into dust. Once again, ??? has been stoped from tricking them Ike sees himself at the end, and the two battle. Ike get's the Smash Ball, defeats himself, etc. Mario is walking down the tunnel. He heres a laugh,and he turns around to see Bowser, standing there with Peach & Luigi in his hands.)

Mario: "No!"

???: "What are you going to do? Look for a stupid flower!"

Mario: "Oh..."

(He looks back and forth, no knowing what to do. He then remembers Master Hand's quote.)

Master Hand: "Find your prize at the end. Pretend it's them."

Mario:"You'r not real! My prize, Peach and Luigi, are at the end! Now I'm leaving."

???: "They slip from my grasp too easily."

(Mario gets to the end, does the same as everyone else, but then appears on a beautiful mountain top with Fox, Ike & Kirby. Master Hand is also there.)

Master Hand: "Well done. Here is my blessing. I will give you each the Smash Ball in times of need, but only if you know what's right."

(The scene changes to the jungle, Game & Watches roaming about. Wolf is also there, near the Golden Temple.)

Wolf: "It's time!"

Narrator: "What will happen next? Will they save the day? Let's find out next time on the Super Smash Bros. Show."

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