The sixth episode of
The SSB Show Episode 6
The Super Smash Bros. Show, and could be an easy end of the TV Show series.

TV Description:The could-be end of this TV Show, but could they get help from the Legendary Smash Ball?



Narrator: "Welcome back to our little cliff hanger, where Mario, Fox, Ike and Kirby are... Well, this will show you."

Fox: "Oh! This is useless!"

Mario: "Wait! The key!"

Kirby: "Kwaya!"

Ike: "I want to fight some evil guys off!"

Marth: "Prepare for battle!"

Fox: "Wait! Kirby!"

Meta Knight: "Well, well, well. Look who we have here!"

Kirby: "Bey, bey Meta."

Ike: "Master Hand?!? I thought he was locked up in the Golden Temple!"

Narrator: "Yea. They were about to wander into the cave, to fight the evil Master Hand."

Mario: "Well, I guess there's no going back now. Come on! I need to know why Bowser attacked the Midair Stadium!"

Fox: "Wait, hold on. Bowser attacked the Midair Stadium?"

Kirby: Yea. Make go BOOM!"

Ike: "Yea, yea, that nice. But we need to stop Master Hand! Come on!"

Master Hand: "You shall not pass!"

Mario: "Why does that sound familiar?"

Master Hand: "Who are you meddlers?"

Fox: "Now, lets not get off onto the wrong foot. I'm Fox McCloud, defender of space, and leader of Star Fox. Thats Ike, helps protect this kindom with his bud, Marth. Thats Mario, he protects the Mushroom Kingdom, and saves the princess. And thats..."

Kirby: "Kirby!"

Master Hand: "I know you all, and why your here. Your here to defeat me, the evil one. Well, I'm not behind this. My twin brother, Crazy Hand is. He took over the airships, he bombed the Midair Stadium, he Mind Controlled Meta Knight, and tried to take over the Castle."

Fox: "Huh? I don't get it."

Ike: "Fox! Watch out!"

(As the heroes battle against the Primids, Master Hand uses some type of magic on four diffrent tunnels. They deffeat the enemies, and come back over to Master Hand.)

Master Hand: "I have created a little test, to see if you are the heroes I was looking for."

Narrator: "What happens to them in the test? Do they die? Do they get the help and aid from Master Hand that they need? Why is Crazy Hand trying to take over the World of Trophies? Tune in next time on The Super Smash Bros. Show to find out."

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