The SSB Show Episode 5
The fifth episode of The Super Smash Bros. Show, where the Halberd attacks the Castle Siege.

TV Description: As the Halberd goes into battle, Meta Knight is defeated by two special knights.



Narrator: "Here we go again! Back to the Smash Show! Back on the Halberd, we still look for answers."

Fox: "Mario! We're never going to get in! We need the key!"

Mario: "I sent Kirby off a few hours ago to look for the key. He should be back by now!"

Fox: "Oh, I hope he didn't get lost!"

(As Mario & Fox strugle to open the door without a key, Kirby comes back with a cupcake.)

Fox: "Kirby! Where'd you get that?!?!?

Kirby: "Cake cake shop."

Mario: "Did you find anything else? Please say yes! PLEASE! PLEASE!"

Kirby: "No no."

Fox: "Oh. This is useless!"

Mario: "I'm off to find the key!"

Fox: "Don't go to the Cupcake Shop like Kirby did!"

Narrator: "Well, Mario goes off to find the key, and we go off to find the castle!"

(The scecne switches to a castle setting, where Marth & Ike are standing gaurd.)

Ike: "This is boring! When will we get some action? I want to fight some evil guys off!"

Marth: "Well, lifes not fair, isn't it? I didn't get any Chocolate-And-Strawberry Cupcakes from that Cupcake Shop, when you got two!"

(As the two argue, the Halberd flies over the castle, and starts a battle.)

Ike: 'Whoa! What's that?!?"

Marth: "The action you were looking for! Prepare for battle!"

(As a battle starts, Mario finds a key to the door. But it starts sliding of the edge.)

Mario: "Ah! The key! Wait. Get back here!"

Fox: "The key! Kirby! Grab it!"

Kirby: "K, k. Kwaya!"

Mario: "Kirby! You kicked it off the edge!"

Kirby: "Sorry."

(The key falls off the Halberd, but lands on Ike's head, hurting him bad. Marth picks it up.)

Marth: "Hu? Whats this? A key! It must lead to the controll center of that ship! Ike, come on!"

Ike: "Just a sec, ma!"

Fox: On the count of three, we jump off the edge, and look for the key. One. Two...

Kirby: "Three! Yea!"

Fox: "Wait! Kirby!"

(As the three jump overboard to find the key, Ike & Marth come onboard with the key. They open the door, and run in to find none other than Meta Knight.)

Meta Knight: "Well, well, well. Look who we have here. Two useless knights with swords! Lets finish you two off!"

(They start to battle, but seem to find no weakpoint. After a looooooooooong time, they start hearing someone sing a Gibberish Song. Kirby, Mario and Fox walk in. Kirby trips on a wire, and the Halberd crashes into a mountain. Kirby, Ike, Mario and Fox jump of in time, but Marth and Meta Knight fall with the rest of the ship.)

Mario: "You think they'll be ok?"

Ike: "I hope so. Marth was my best friend. He was like the brother I never had."

Kirby: "Bey, bey Meta."

Fox: "Guys, I hate to disrupt but, look!"

(All four heroes turn around to see a cave. A flash of rainbow light is inside. They feel ancient magic.)

Ike: "Master Hand? I thought he was gone! Locked in the Golden Temple!"

Fox: "Yup. Can't wait to see what horrors he'll bring us this time."

Mario: "The End of Time itself probbley."

Kirby: "Oh..."

Narrator: "What will happen as they encounter this problem? Will time realy end? Or is it another villian behind this? Tune in next time on The Super Smash Bros. Show!"

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