The fourth episode of the The Super Smash Bros. Show, where we see where Falco crashlanded, in the middle of a
The SSB Show Episode 4
huge jungle!

TV Description:When Falco & Wolf crashland in the jungle, they end up in some monkey business.



Narrator: "Welcome back to the Smash Show, where things continue to happen. We now rejoin Falco Lombardi, as he tries to escape the jungle of endless horrors..."

Falco: "Wha... What happened? I remember chasing Wolf, when I chrashed into some sort-off tree house! I better go find him, before he creates any trouble!"

(As Falco runs off to find Wolf, the scene changes to an underground cave, where DK keeps his banana stach. Game & Watches sneak in, while the Kongs are out.)

Game & Watch #1: "Ok. The Kongs are out. Let's get their bananas, and bring the to the master!"

Game & Watch #2-5: "Yah! Yah!"

Narrator: "But the only got 53 before the Kongs came home for lunch.)

Donkey Kong: "Huh? Roarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Game & Watch #1: "Retreat!"

(All the Game & Watches start to run and flee. The Kongs have an angry look on their faces.)

Game & Watch #3: "We will be back! And we will take more bananas! Until they are gone!"

Diddy Kong: "Ha ha!"

(As the Kongs chase the Game & Watches, Falco is walking by. The Kongs crash into him, and the Game & Watches run away.)

Falco: "Sorry you two. I must have let those banana thieves get away. I am truly sorry. As a token of my apology, I will assist you two until we catch them! I will help all I can!

Donkey Kong: "Ho?"

Diddy Kong: "Ha ha!"

Falco: "Great! Now lets get going! Those banana thieves aren't going to catch themselves!"

(Meanwhile, in a mysterious robotic base, the Game & Watches are giving the bananas to a mysterious person.)

Game & Watch #1: "These are all we could get before the Kongs came back. They are mean and powerful creatures. But don't worry. We will get the rest of hem next..."

???: "You better! I wan't results!"

Narrator: "Well, that about raps this episode up. Who is the mysterious figure? Where is their base? Why are they taking all the bananas? These questions will be answered next time, on he Super Smash Bros. Show.

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