The third episode of the
The SSB Show Episode 3
Super Smash Bros. Show, and shows what happened to Mario & Kirby.

TV Description: As Fox crashlands on the Halberd, Mario & Kirby take a look around the ship.



Narrator: "Welcome to Episode 3! Were the episodes realy get exiting. We now join Fox McCloud, in a wild goose hunt with Wolf O'Donnell."

Fox: "Get back here! I won't let you destroy the planet, Wolf!"

Wolf: "Ha, ha, ha. You crack me up, Fox! Wait until you here this joke!"

(Wolf flies down to the planet bellow, Fox & Falco stop to talk out a plan.)

Falco: "Should we go after him, Fox?"

Fox: "Yes! We need to get him before he does any perminent damage!"

(As Fox & Falco start to zoom onto the planet, Fox gets hit by something, and crashlands onto the Halberd.)

Kirby: "Hu?"

Mario: "What was that?"

(The two, who are appaerently on the Halberd, looks around to see the crash. Kirby then jumps ontop of it, but gets fliped out when Fox comes out.)

Kirby: "Whaoooo!"

Fox: "Whoa! Caught ya, buddy. WHo are you people?"

Mario: "I am Super Mario! Hero of the Mushroom Kingdom! And thats Kirby, I don't know what the heck is special about him. Stops Dedede, or something like that. So, who are you?"

Fox: "I'm Fox, leader of the team Star Fox. I'm looking for someone. Have you seen a wolf in a spaceship fly past here at all?

Mario & Kirby: "No."

Fox: "Oh well. Falco will take care of it. So, what are you guys up to?"

Mario: "Looking for Peach and Zelda, since they were kidnaped. We're trying to get them back."

Fox: "I gues I'll help you. Hey! Who's that?"

(They see a mysterious shadowy figure go into a door. They start to chase after it.)

Fox: "Hey! Come back! He's gone. What do we do now?"

Mario: "Let's look for him."

Kirby: "Yah!"

Narrator: "Now some questions are left. Who is that mysterious dude that ran away? What happened to Falco & Wolf? We still havn't answered some questions from last time. We will answer these questions next time on the Super Smash Bros. Show.

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